Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Subway: Eat Fresh, Stay Politically Correct

Oh Subway.


You've joined the ranks of Chipotle and Panera, and I'm not just disappointed, I'm confused.

You see, you dot the town streets of nearly every rural community I drive through. More than a McDonalds, Subway restaurants are found everywhere. While I prefer a Jimmy Johns (I know, he hunts big game, but he bakes one heck of a loaf of bread), and would rather not pay $5 for my intake of carbs for the week, I appreciate your commitment to rural communities. Your sandwich wrappers most likely are found in nearly every tractor or semi cab during the busy times. Lines are long after football games. We supposedly support you to eat fresh.

Your commitment to small communities is to be admired.

However, it is overshadowed by your blind politically correctness.

I forgave you when you listened to that crazy, the Food Babe, and made the proclamation that you removed whatever chemical you had that was also in yoga mats. Although sickened, I still have patronized your restaurant after learning of the Jared pornography scandal, citing that because you're locally owned and operated, it wasn't the franchiser's fault.

However, this statement, this proclamation to ditch all meat treated with antibiotics is ridiculous.

This is just politically correctness at it's finest, and I'm done.

I am trying to take a chapter from the book of my 101 year old grandmother's life. Never in her life has she taken a huge stand on something. She's very moderate. However, she has not lived in moderate times. She has endured the Depression. She's lived through polio, the mumps and measles. She believes in science and vaccines thanks to those times, and yet she is the greenest cook, although living in the "innovative" food time of SPAM. She and my grandpa raised their own beef, "put up" sweet corn, and enjoyed cherry pies from her tree. While she's the ultimate in living off the land, she balances it out with a flair for nice things and getting her hair done. She would find this ridiculous, would I even share it with her. But, it's not worth her time, or mine.

I'm sorry Subway. You're missing the point. You're making claims especially about beef or pork that are not supported by those in the industry. The beef you're eating on your roast beef does not have any antibiotics in it when it comes to your Subway. Period. It may have had some to keep the animal alive to keep the farmer in business to keep your costs down (hello? Supply and demand? Consumer Ec 101), but once it is sent to market, it has to be tested and cleared. Have you ever met a beef inspector? We have a connection. I can introduce you, should you have questions.

I'm done. This is another bang my head on the desk, don't feed the crazies moment. I hate this. I hate that because of "wellness" and "health," we're trying to "wreck" and "demonize" livestock farmers. I welcome you, Subway, to come to my father-in-law's hog confinement to see the care and time and careful management he takes in raising his pork. I invite you to see the care we put into our beef cattle, the few we have. Put them up ones who don't receive the necessary care in a blind test, and I guarantee you'll choose the ones that receive help when they're sick (which, I might add, is not as often as you probably think).

Subway, you're just another sheep in the flock of food fear. You're just trying to keep up, keep ahead of the trendy spots, and that is disappointing.

When is it a farmer's turn to reap the benefits of being politically correct?

I bet I'll have to live until I'm 101 to see that.


  1. Thank you! I will be reposting this to my wall and the Facebook page of my Veterinary clinic.

  2. Well DONE! Thank you for taking the time and for writing what so many of us Farm Wives want to say! You covered all. We work so hard on our farm to feed, nurture and protect our cattle,to feed America! It was wonderful to read your article! I hope Subway recieves this.

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  4. Very well said. Subway has a place for comments on their website. Let's inundate them with comments!

  5. Although I am also disappointed, I have to say that I don't think they're in so many rural towns because of a commitment to small communities. Rather, Subway is one of the cheapest fast food restaurants to franchise. To open a Subway, you need $30,000 in liquid assets. As a comparison, you have to have at least $750,000 to open a McDonald's. It's simply much easier for people to open them, and that's why there are more worldwide.

  6. Very nice article.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. I grew up on a grain and beef cattle farm, my husband a hog confinement. I am a supporter of agriculture. I would add that Agriculture industry as a whole needs to step up, come together and inform. There is a lot of mis-information out there but a majority of this mis-information 1) has no Ag representation defending our position. and 2) seems rather logical as in… do you want hormones or antibiotics in your food, do you want GMO,s in your food? Well, of course the average consumer with no other information presented would naturally, logistically say "no". I think that we as ag supporters should encourage our Associations (Beef, Pork, Dairy, Corn growers etc) to come together and represent us in these situations. Much like you do on your blog but to a wider audience.