Tuesday, February 20, 2018

42 Was Hard, 43 Will Be Stronger

Well friends, it's a big day around here. The big guy, Farmer Joe, has a birthday. While he's not a gift guy...ummmmm...ask him about his NEW SOCKS...42 is a year that needs to be celebrated.

That it's over.

42 was a hard one. Joe had some employment shifts around here. He had some hard conversations. He had some pretty significant health issues that can cause you to really re-evaluate nearly every decision made in one's life.

But, guess what? He MADE it. We made it.

And 42, you're done, and we're stronger because of it.

42 was the year of the "scare." Without going into the whole story, Joe could have died. His "widowmaker" artery was 90% (is that even right? That seems like a lot.) blocked. If he would have adhered to my "suck it up and go for a walk" advice (I NEVER claim to be a doctor.), he could have never come back.

I spent the better part of the beginning of year 42 being upset. Our life was in upheaval. I felt like we had too much of everything and too little of everything else. But when a health scare, a significant one like this comes in front of you, you tend to worry less about the kitchen countertops and the bedroom furniture and focus on what is truly valuable.


Life, my friends.

If you're a believer in God like I am, you believe that He is a healer and has a plan. I don't always agree with that plan (see the months of February-May of 2017), when you look back, you see the good in the upheaval. You find the answer in what seemed like was unknowns.

43 is Joe's next year, and as I place candles on Joe's Texas cake tonight (THANK YOU MAMA!!), I will not only thank God for Joe's 43 years before this one, but will give thanks to the next 43 or 53 or whatever we have together.

I am nearly in tears sitting here writing this. Tears of  joy that we get to navigate the ick and the good and the sad and the hard together, but also that I didn't lose you. WHAT WOULD I WRITE ABOUT IN THIS BLOG??? Ha.

So as you wear your very practical new socks, know that while my present was not fancy, your presence is a gift to me today. Thank you God for blessing us with Farmer Joe who teaches the value of hard work, rest when necessary and a good, old fashion pun. Thank you for allowing our girls to still work cattle with their dad who stands today healthier and more aware of what's important. I am blessed to have a little boy who tosses a ball and walks pasture with his daddy. I am thankful for a husband who took a leap of faith into a new career that will not only provide for our family, but allow space for us to BE a family.

Happy birthday, my sweet Farmer Joe. May you enjoy many more years of a happy ticker and some ribs and Texas cake...but only once in awhile. I'm still your nutritional boss, you know.

Love you.

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