Friday, January 29, 2010

Thank you Oprah

My husband would/will kill me when he sees this title.

He HATES Oprah. Now, I'm not talking about the he doesn't like Oprah in the way that I don't care for "cold cheese" (only melted, thank you very much). He DESPISES her in the most authentic way a person could despise something.

Thus, when I was watching- secretly -Oprah on Monday, I saw the ad for Wednesday's show, where Michael Pollen would be talking about grocery shopping and the American food supply. Great, the American farmer bashing could begin and Oprah could lead the charge. Ugh. It was not until my cousin, a Farm Bureau Manager, contacted me and urged me to visit Oprah's message board regarding this show that I realized how much I believed in defending our life out here. So I wrote on her message board. . . using my first and last name as my username- DUH- that's how new I am to online message boards! After I hit, "accept," I waited, and soon people responded to me, and after I got over the high school feelings I had when people disagreed with my perspective, I made a decision to blog.

And here we are. Thanks, Oprah. . .yet another way that my bathrooms will remain unclean.

Seriously, though, posting my soapbox statement on made me realize that many people do not understand what it is truly like to live out here. . . sure my suburban and city friends think it's cute that we have cows, love that we run big green tractors, and marvel that I am almost 30 minutes from a Target, but do they really know what it's like to have the thought cross our minds that the crop might be terrible and what that could mean to our family?

So, it is my quest now to be completely honest. I am confessing what it is truly like to be a "Farm Wife." What it is like to live on a gravel road: the good, the bad, and the dirty. . . it's all coming out.


  1. In my defence, to say that I hate Oprah may be too strong, though seeing her show on in my home makes me fairly agitated. More accurately, I would say that I am incredulous of the "blind devotion" that people have to her- as though what she says is the gospel. Who the heck cares what Oprah thinks? But when she talks people react, which is when I decide that people who can make decisions based on what Oprah tell them to think should be doing something more productive at 4 in the afternoon.

  2. Saw your post on Mike Rowe's blog....

    Oh wow! I love your blog! I can relate to so much of what you write about, and have recently began my own blog for very similar reasons to yours....check it out if you have a minute :)