Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Is Here!

Many of my Facebook friends have posted something along the lines of "Spring is here. . .going to go out and enjoy the weather!" or "It's flip flop season!" Although the girls and I have enjoyed the early signs of spring with jumps in mud puddles, bike rides around the concrete, and the monthly cleaning of the garage, the spring season before planting season brings a lot of interesting sights and sounds on the Webel Farm.

Sights: the glorious sight of melting snow and brownish grass that will soon be green. . . and the sight of a dead possum, frozen in time from a fateful cold night. Did I mention that this possum is in plain sight from my bedroom window. Gotta get those curtains up!

Another glorious sight is the forecast for the week: 50 degrees with a few showers. Hallelujah! We can be outside and get out and about. However mother nature's glory has caused our "gravel" road to become so rutted and muddy, my lovely, freshly washed SUV (because that's what you do when the weather warms up, town folks, right? You wash your car!) is now covered, and I mean covered, in khaki colored muck. Which leads to the sound of me yelling, "Don't touch the car!" as we load up to take Anna to preschool.

Finally, Mama Cow across the road and her cute white faced calf, the very calf she didn't want anything to do with in the first stages of his life, are frolicking in the pasture. Such a glorious sight to see, however, as I enjoy this sight, my husband, on his way to a gig for his "other" job, calls to see if I could check something. He asks me if I can see any feet or a head coming out of a mama on the east part of the pasture. As my former self, I would have proclaimed to my loving husband that I didn't even want to see myself give birth, let alone an animal. However, upon receiving this phone call, I promptly ran upstairs to our bedroom (different set of windows from the possum window) and excitedly reported that there is a head coming!

I just realized something: spring may have begun to show its glorious face, but something, some one, rather, is showing up. A real life farm wife! She's showing her face through this town girl's facade! I might just be out there one day, checking cows. . .

. . .or not, it looks pretty muddy!

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  1. Hope that you are collecting your writings in a book for your children to read one day!