Monday, April 12, 2010

Christmas in April

There is a buzz around my house today. The farmers are hustling from place to place. There's a trip planned to Canton for some hoses. A guy with a vac has come to work on sucking out the last few loads of grain from the bin to take to the elevator. The planter is hooked up and getting its final zerks (is that even a word??) greased. The Precision Planting guy even came during dinner and both Dad and Joe left ribeyes to get cold to go out and work on the planter.

Was that because the steaks weren't done to their liking?

No, it's because it's Christmas in April.

Santa Spring has come and the boys are all a flutter. We have various pieces of equipment out and being checked and worked on and such. There are some farmers even in the fields working, which, as we drove to preschool, Anna informed me that they weren't "doing it right, like Daddy." When I asked her to clarify, she said, "Mom! Look at the DIRT! It's WET! We don't want to get in until it's ready."

Silly me! Even though Anna thinks her old mom isn't wise in the world of farming, I do know that the farmers around here wait until window of opportunity is just perfect. . . which is a very, teeny, tiny window, so once that window is open, the guys will roll and go until the weather cuts them off. Everyone is a little trigger happy this spring, thanks to last year's rain and all its glory. However, we're waiting, as Anna says, until it's just right, just like a good little kid on Christmas morning. . . waiting for Mom and Dad to wake up until the presents can be unwrapped.

My preparation for planting is similar to my prep for Christmas: a lot of behind the scenes work. Like Christmas, shopping is key during planting season. Not only do I have to provide the regular fare for the girls, but I also have to hunt for the perfect "farm food:" food to be either packed and taken on the go or eaten well after the kids are put to bed. The job of this farm wife during this time is basically to be ready to load the kids in the car and take food, pick up farmers or parts in a moment's notice. Whenever I get a call that starts with, "Where are you right now?" or "Is anyone sleeping?" I know that I'm in for the gift of a trip to somewhere.

While planting season is unpredictable and some times frustrating (due to my control freak issues!), this Christmas in April time is a blessing. There is no happier farmer around here than a busy farmer. The best gift is a perfect spring day, with no breakdowns, and a Kit Kat bar in the lunch box.

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  1. Such a heartwarming post! I remember my mom shopping for "farm food" during the busy seasons on our cattle and show pig farm.
    Thanks for the little dose of farm nostalgia, it made my day!