Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Snow Boot Debate

Okay, so my blog has been dubbed Farming in Fashion Boots because I admit whole heartedly that I am a fashionista. In turn, because I have been blessed with not one, not two, but three girls, whether they like it or not, they too must learn to at least appreciate having some sort of fashion sense.

Now, I'm not so psychotic that I don't make them wear their hood or hats when it's cold outside because of the potential of messing up their hair, nor do I care what they wear when we're at our house (you should see the camo and John Deere get ups Anna puts on when we have "do nothing days!!"). However, since Anna has started kindergarten, we made a pact that I would pick out her clothes and shoes for the school days.

Today, however, was a trick. There are a mere nine days until Christmas is here, and a present I got the girls (note that it was just ME who bought these) is a pair of snow boots. I'm talking cute, pink and black with sparkle detail little girl boots that they'll wear out in the snow, or Anna will wear to school on snowy days. I have had a few questionable weather days that I have considered breaking these boots out early, but thankfully, our snow measurements haven't yielded enough to warrant any boot wearing. Plus, as Joe pointed out again today, she has her Northerners. Okay, for those of you like me who don't frequent Tractor Supply Company or Farm King, Northerner boots are these green rubber-ish boots that are insulated, warm, expensive and, most importantly UGLY. They are worn primarily for choring, as they can be hosed off with great ease. These are great for Joe, Anna and even Josie to have, as they are no big deal to go tromping around in the muck, mud and who knows what else. However, to wear to school? I shuddered to think of it, and started walking towards the hiding point of the fancy boots.

Joe was horrified. How could I even consider giving the girls a Christmas present early? Who cares if she wears her chore boots to school, when all she's going to do is take them off once she gets there? Is there truly a kindergarten fashion cop?

Well, in my book, there probably is a little cute, but slightly mean girl who will comment on Anna's army green chore boots this morning, and I'm hopeful that she will not have her mother's insecurities of wanting to always be on the cusp of high style, just to basically fit in. My hope is that Anna will continue to think that her dad's occupation is the greatest one out there, and that green rubber boots, although not the most flattering, are exactly what they are: green rubber boots. They are just boots that will keep her feet dry, and that are worn to help feed and check the cattle that we care for.

I'm the one who has to get over the Northerners. Either that, or design a line of cute chore footwear!

That's IT!!


  1. I hear you because you never quite know what might be hanging on to those boots, despite the best of attempts to spray off. The melting process could yield some unwanted classroom odors. Hang in there. Mine have been wearing their Lands End boots since about Dec. 1~ Good thing they have birthdays in November! ;-)

  2. Em- take confidence in the fact that if anyone I know could rock a pair of Notherners- it would be you. Frankly because you'd pair it with skinny jeans, a cute tunic, and a scarf that not matched but perfectly coordinated with the greenish hue of your soles. So- no worries:)))