Friday, September 23, 2011

Find It Friday!

Just a quicky today...

I have friends out in the blogosphere who write really cute, quick posts for "Work It Wednesday," or "What I Wore Wednesday," etc.

So, in honor of this trend in blogging...I would like to start up, "Find It Friday."

Today's edition is what I found in the washer and dryer today.

This is from the washer:

That's right. It's an Exacto Knife. I heard a lot of excessive banging around while my washing machine was going, but I figured it was the buttons on the bibs I was washing or something.

Only to be greeted with a KNIFE as I unloaded these work clothes.

Then, there's the ever present bits of harvested corn in my dryer vent, but I didn't figure that warranted a picture.

 So, when you're extracting change from the dryer, remember me, and my farmer husband, with no need for change in his pocket, the one who wields a knife!

Happy Friday!


  1. Yikes! I've never found a knife (not yet, anyway!), but I do get nuts and bolts on a regular basis. Maybe that's why our washing machines seem to wear out faster than other people's... ;)

  2. I found one of those - only bigger & heavier - in my washer once. It tore up one of the beaters. Dear husband started a load of his work jeans & that was left in his pocket....

    I still haven't gotten it fixed and it's been like that for about a year :(