Friday, September 21, 2012

That's All, Folks

And, like that, the field where our corn journal began is gone.

We started on Monday, mentally, had a little tweaking to do with the equipment on Tuesday, had a great day on Wednesday, and even better one yesterday, and it's rained and is pretty damp today, so there's talk of a dinner out with the family tonight...whoohoo!

Life during harvest is hectic, as comparable to all those folks who are working regular jobs, chasing kids, and trying to attempt to feed/bathe/and nurture aforementioned children. I think I have been blessed with my life on the farm to try to simmer down the OCD, control freak that I tend to become.

Case in point, cleaning. I am a neat freak. I am anxious when our house is a mess, dirty, dusty, unkempt. I hate unfolded laundry. My closet is in that dreadful transition phase thanks to a change in the weather (which I am not complaining about...welcome back, boots!!). I am personally declaring war upon what we call "red dog," which is, in a nutshell the part of the corn cob where the kernels are attached. It's nasty and red and sticky and obnoxious...and everywhere!

This is the bane of my existence, currently...only followed by my dusty, now heavily trafficked by farm equipment road. Anyway, it's everywhere, and here are just a few examples of what it is, what it looks like, and if I was a little more open with my life, I would show you where it is INSIDE my house. Ugh.

Anyway, thanks for following, commenting and enjoying our corn growth journal project. Towards the end, I slacked, I know...I heard from some of you! Love accountability, don't get me wrong, but it was a tough year, and when it's not only 1000 degrees outside, and your corn looks like it's literally burning up, one doesn't really want to head outside and snap a picture of it.

So, I compiled a few of my faves, in chronological order of our documentation. I hope you enjoy them...and please, sing "Memories" while you look at the pictures...

Remember the first picture? Kind of ironic, as the girls were splashing in puddles that day

The plants have nothing on the size of the personality in this picture!

Little plant, big promise.

I love this one.
And this one, too...they should be a band or something.

Despite the dry weather, it's growing!
Amelia is not impressed by the growth...the plants are now taller than she is, and that upsets her...I guess.

Mid summer's growth

One of the last pictures I took.

There it goes.

And, we're taller than the plant...because it's gone!!

Catching on the go.

A change in our landscape.

My attempt at embracing harvest...isn't this a cool sign? It's an old ladder step. Don't be too impressed...someone else painted it!


  1. OK Control Freak. I got one for you.

    Me: Knock, Knock.
    You: Who's there?
    Me: Control Freak.
    Me: Now you say control Freak Who?

    (sorry, it's better in person)
    Thanks for all the pics.

  2. Love the Growth Pictures, Emily. Now that you're gone from MMS, I'm the Leading Control Freak of 6th grade!!!!