Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Halfway for Beef

Three kids ago, I ran my "comeback" half marathon. It was my first since I started having kids, and since it was in Champaign, where I had started my long distance running love and trained for all of my other marathons and halves, so it seemed only appropriate.

And I ran it with a ribeye on my racing shirt.

See? And, oh my heart! Look at my big girls...they're so little!

Check out the charbroiled goodness...on my shirt that is!

While I got quite a few funny looks, and a lot of questions, I was proud of my Team Beef shirt, and went on to purchase another one and one for my running partner two years ago.

Team Beef, Amy and Emily, rocking the Yates City 5 K!!

I purchased them, gladly, as I knew the money was well spent, marketing our product, and was going towards promoting the Beef Checkoff.

I was going all the way, by manner of half marathons, for Team Beef.

However, when I googled Team Beef, to link for this post, I not only got the link to the Idaho Team Beef where I have purchased shirts, but there's a link to nearly every large beef producing state, each having its own Team Beef. My friend, and former neighbor, Kandy, just ran her first half in Austin, Texas, and the Texas Team Beef?? They're for real. They sponsored runners, free t-shirts! There were a whole bunch o' beef runners!! I was THRILLED!!

So, I'm looking into how I can a) be in Texas to be sponsored b) try to get Illinois Beef to start up a Team Beef chapter...I couldn't find a link (anyone out there know of the Illinois Chapter?), and then c) try to train for another half...maybe. So far, the only half I have done is half-way cleaned the bathroom, and while I'm up and running, just the logistics of training and then getting to a place to run a half is exhausting to me already.

So, if you're interested in being a part of Team Beef, let me know. I'm doing some investigation...and I'd love to flood the start line of races this year with Team Beef shirts!!

Happy running!

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