Friday, May 15, 2015

He Took the Words (and the Burrito) Right Out of Mouth

Friends, while I have called out Dr. Oz and other extremist about GMOs, I AM for choice in food.

Who am I to tell you what to buy for groceries? I don't know your religious, social, health, whatever issues.

I truly, truly believe you can eat whatever the heck you want. However, seriously consider WHY you're making these choices. This article from the Washington Post is BRILLIANT, and helps explain that while shopping at Whole Foods and eating at Chipotle may not be evil (per se), but if you're doing it out of a social injustice or for "scientific" reasons, stop and think.

Shop at Whole Foods, eat at Chipotle, but don't turn around and make a big Facebook post or a blanket statement as you leave the store or restaurant that a farmer who uses GMO seed to resist drought and will ultimate use less chemicals is bad. What's your science behind this? Check your facts and your figures and talk to a farmer. Don't make your statement just because, you know, Whole Foods told you to.

This is so true: “The trouble starts,” says Kahan, “when this communication environment fills up with toxic partisan meanings — ones that effectively announce that ‘if you are one of us, believe this; otherwise, we’ll know you are one of them.’ ”

Food wars is exactly what this man says: Us vs. Them. Friends, look around. We are so lucky. We are not dealing with third world issues. My biggest decision today is when will I work out, and what will we have for dinner, thanks to my full freezer, fridge and pantry.

We are not hungry. We are not dying of basic diseases that have been inevitably eradicated. We are lucky to have food, medicinal, and other choices.

Don't make it a war.

Read this article, and then make your decision. It's easy to be a follower. It's fun to be trendy. You think you're doing right by following the masses. But sometimes, majority doesn't rule. It's just scary. Shall we talk about all the crazy leaders in the world? We often tell our Josie, who tends to err on the side of smarty and bossy (where does she get this from???), use your powers for good. Leaders are blessed, loud, and some times incorrect.

Take some time to read this article. You won't regret it.

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