Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Just a Little Recap

This blogging thing has gone to the back burner. And when I say back burner, I mean like the burner that we never turn on and have to dust off when we're cooking Thanksgiving dinner (if I ever had to do that, thank you Mom and my sister in laws!).

I feel like last year was the most hectic year ever (If you're new this post, and then this one, then this one, and maybe even this one, and you'll thank me later, and maybe give me an adult beverage or a handshake when you meet me).
(and, by the way, that was fun to look for those posts! Oh the days that have all melded together from last year!)

However, this year, although quiet right now as the front half of the kid crew is now at school, I have had trouble finding my groove. So, unless you want a whiny, I'm so busy, and yet I can't ever get anything done (see my closets) post, here's just a little recap of the past few weeks via my iPhone.

The big girls and Joe started school:

And on the second day, Josie did this:


And while I won't be receiving the Mother of the Year award, as Josie spent 24 hours with some ice on her broken arm instead of her mother taking her to the ER (#momfail), I am a part of an award winning podcast trio. This is last year's plaque, but we won AGAIN, so I promise to take another photo, but for now, this:

Our town has a little festival, and we enjoyed lots of fun times: 

Whee! This fun is free!

Whee for three!

Last year on the left, this year on the right. Kind of a happy day.
Anna performed on Friday night, but the sound was off. Here's her practice video from her teacher's house. We're grooming excellence in kids, my friends.

Joe's FFA kids got in on the parade fun! Is it weird that most of the items used for the country living theme were from my front porch. Call me country, I guess!

Then, our house project is in the final stages. We have progress, and one wall for our screened porch!!
This is the window to the north. And the original 1871 "siding." My carpenter is soooo excited.

The front door, and some extra insulation, as a bird nest community was in this area the first time we blew in insulation. Again, our carpenter was thrilled. Josie is, too...this is like a big stage. 

So, I promise I'll get back to regular postings.


Because this is my life right now as I am posting these very few words:

Yep, that's a trash can. On top of the desk. And yep, my daughter is trying to eat the paper in the trash can.

And now she's head first in the magazine basket.


Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I can relate to this, Emily. Keep it real and blog when you can. You are a gifted writer and storyteller.