Saturday, February 20, 2016

And Now, You're 41

Farmer Joe is 41 today.

Unfortunately, and probably because it’s my doing, our morning was just like a typical Saturday morning. Joe burns many candles at many ends. In the Facebook group, Farm Hats, he could share picture after picture of the different hats he wears in a day: farmer, cattleman, accountant, teacher, father, vet, Farm Bureau board member, kid chauffeur, etc., etc.

Today, it was a quick kiss and he was out the door to vaccinate calves.

While the morning was nothing special, Farmer Joe to this family is. Quite frankly, without him, this blog wouldn’t exist! Where would most of my material come from??

Ha, ha.

Joe, like most dads and husbands, goes through the day and just doing what they should, and often try to stay out of the way, stay out of the spot light. I appreciate this, as I am a spot light lover, and try to be in charge at all times.

So it works.

Ha, again.

I’m very thankful for another year on this earth with my farmer. We have navigated a lot in our time as a family. These past few years especially have been filled with loss, transition, sadness, confusion, happiness, relief, and some sleep now and again. We have rewritten our story, usually starting these new chapters with a hearty, “Well, here we go, and where is it we’re going?”

Maybe it’s because he’s older than me and wiser (wink, wink), his go with the flow attitude is the ying to my yang. Although I fight it, begging him at times to get upset about something with me, it is good for me to have this balance. I am grateful for this difference in our personality.

It works.

Whether it’s listening to him parent our big girl, telling her to care more and hold her head high because she’s a Webel, or watching him rough house with Jack, throwing him a little higher than makes me comfortable, he is truly a strong, loving dad to our kids. Hearing him encourage our middle two girls as they navigate being the middle two girls is comforting. Watching our twins light up when he walks through the door…these are all things that make the season of our life, sometimes the drudgery of being in the thick of it all, bearable and, frankly, enjoyable.

So now, you’re 41, Farmer Joe.

What’s this year going to bring? A little change, a little time off (maybe?), a little more life lived in a seemingly small way that is really making a big impact on our life.

Thanks for being my partner in this world. Thanks for enjoying my company at all times, right? Thanks for understanding that we’ll some day celebrate somewhere fancy or not, but for today, we’ll just celebrate you with chocolate cake and presents.

Because that works, right?

Happy Birthday, Farmer Joe!

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  1. Great post! Your Farmer Joe reminds me a lot of My Farmer Ian. We're lucky women to have them in our lives. Happy Birthday Joe!