Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Having Your Chickens and Eating Them, Too

So our town has a "What's Going On" Facebook page.

Do any other small towns, or big ones for that matter, have this?

Generally speaking, it's a platform for people to share community events, thus the name. However, on many occasions- many, many occasions- it's a space where people feel free to take their issues with the town, the school, dogs, cats, police, politics, etc., to the MASSES.

And friends, it is GOLD.

Facebook at it's finest, friends.

Last night, there was a thread about some rogue chickens who were running amuck in the residential areas of Farmington. A woman was genuinely concerned about these chickens, who are "street legal" to have in Farmington, but they were free range and eating her garden seeds.


Free range.

In town.

biiiiiiiiiggggggg siiiiiigggggghhhh


I get it. Fresh eggs are amazing. A fryer chicken tastes better. But SERIOUSLY. Free range in town. Now, I don't know the terms of having town chickens, but I can imagine that there are some regulations on how "free range" you can have them.

Again, no disrespect to those who want chickens in town. But let's be realistic here people. You can't have your chickens and eat them too, or something like that.

Can we all just take a moment to assess how we live, and how it may affect those around us? I was a person who lived in town. If people's dogs, cats, trash, whatever were roaming or blowing around in our yard, it's a nuisance. If I were in town and playing outside with my little kids, and a chicken came to hang out, I would be alarmed. Not because of a danger, just because I LIVE IN TOWN.

Also, are we still in Fulton County, or is this a third world country? When Joe was in his traveling days, he saw cattle roaming in the streets of India...among other things. If we let the chickens be free and wild, what's next? Outside hogs in the park areas? Goats instead of trash pick up?

I'm really kidding, but I feel like we're getting a little bit greedy. Our society wants to be all Green Acres with the convenience of living in town, but this is just insane.

So, those of you with town chickens, can I please ask you to consider getting a coop for your fine feathered friends, because it's starting to affect my productivity. I have spent way too long reading 65+ comments on Facebook!


  1. Well said! I plan on getting chickens in May. I use to have several when I lived in the country. I moved into Farmington last May. I have a fenced back yard and coop. However, I. Sure I will have to clip their wings but at least they are safe from most critters.

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  4. Enjoyed your perspective and know how you feel for as I shopped at Walmart last night, a lady was walking around with a chicken (wearing a pair of mini jeans) perched on her shoulder. Ay yi yi, what are people thinking?

  5. Yes, Hopedale has one called Hopedale Happenings, and you can learn A.LOT. :)

  6. Ooh - I definitely do not shop with my chickens.. But, our old family farmhouse sits just inside the "town" limits. Our pastures are "outside of town" (where the fence meets our yard). We live on 3.5 acres, but the family farm is a mile or 2 down the road. Yet we keep our show stock at our house. Easier to pop out to the barn at all hours. Yes, our goats have been seen roaming in the street. And I have to admit, once a pig got out and was running all over town until my husband and son drove around to find him and herd him back home. I live in rural Indiana. People seem to get a kick out of our livestock. (They drive very annoyingly slowly behind us in the road and take photos when we're walking sheep and goats.)

    Maybe these free rangers are usually cooped up, and just happen to get out one day. We have gates, fences, pens for all of ours, but you're a farm wife so I bet you understand -- you know how things get left open or escapees happen.

    (I've also had to stop in the middle of the highway and country roads 3 times on my work commute in the past for wandering cattle and hogs....)