Friday, August 27, 2010

Et tu, Elmwood?

There are certain stereotypes that all people who don't live in an urban area must fight against. Farmers especially have to constantly work on their images, fighting common misconceptions such as the thoughts that we are uneducated, un-worldly, or out of touch with the rest of the country.

However, when a rural community puts on an event that works against all of this, trying not to reinforce these stereotypes becomes an uphill battle.

Case in point: hog wrestling at Elmwood's Fall Festival.

Seriously. There's going to be hog wrestling. In the mud. And, I believe shirts are optional.


I am working on trying to place farming and rural living and agriculture in a positive, educated, exciting, albeit some times dirty light. Thanks for the setback.

Regardless, we will not be participating in the hog wrestling events, and neither will my hog producer uncle, nor will my hog farmer father-in-law. They don't have to wrestle hogs on a regular basis, as their operations are tightly run ships that don't require gettin' down and dirty.

I guess I should take in this competition and see who's participating. Maybe there is good exercise to be had by rolling around in the mud, trying to gain one's footing while chasing after a greased pig. Maybe I should get a team of six together and try it out; then I wouldn't have so many judgemental thoughts, per se, and instead make some concrete and real observations on this rural past time. . .

Maybe not.

I think, instead, I'll hope that those participating will have hit the "First Annual Beer Tent" prior to the competition, and not be aware enough of ones surroundings to realize how a competition like this is so ridiculous and embarrassing to an otherwise beautiful and interesting rural community.

Here's hoping.


  1. Embrace the Hillbilly actually I will skip hog wrestling

    I'll be at a Alex's game with Lawrence University

    In my day early 1885, I was involved many times helping neighbors catch hogs, so I have the experience just a hundred years past my prime

  2. I am just frustrated that we don't have giant signs up promoting "Come to the Elmwood Fall Festival" or "Celebrate Lorado Tafts 150 Birthday" it's "Come to the First Annual Beer Tent" Seriously!! Is that what it is all about?? How about we promote what is really important and just hope that they just visit the beer tent while they are here. I've never left an event and thought "Wow they had a great beer tent!"