Saturday, August 14, 2010


Hey readers!
I harp on my girls to use good manners, and here I am, writing post after post, and not thanking you all for reading my ramblings. So, here it goes.

Thank you, so much.

Thanks for reading what some times may come across as way too opinionated, way off base, or possibly not applicable to your lives. I am thankful to have found an outlet to get this out, and that people actually want to read and follow it. That is a true act of something divine, I think.

Thanks for "following" me, whether on Facebook or on the blog itself. It is amazing to me that since January, I have reached readers I know, as well as those who have stumbled across me from a friend of a friend, a nice plug from the Farm Bureau, or maybe just by mistake. It is so exciting to log onto my fan page or blog itself and see new fans, read their profiles (which are usually protected, but I still try to eek out a little bit of information from what I can read), and read your comments. I do read them all, but don't want to sound like a freak-show by commenting on all of your comments! My goal is 10,000 hits and 300 Facebook fans by September 1st, and we're getting close. Thanks for spreading the word.

Thanks to BlogHer for accepting my application, featuring my writing on their website and other blogs, and helping me place my ads. I might be able to write on the computer, but this whole java script stuff is new to me. . . guess I should have talked more to those Computer Science guys in my Music Theory class in college. . . that story is awesome. If I were to blog it, the title would be Twenty Nerdy Guys and One Girl.

I'm digressing, again.

Thanks to my mom for spell checking, grammar checking, and calling me with, "Maybe this would work better. . ." suggestions. We have come a long way since my hatred of constructive criticism as a young piano student! Thanks to Dad for passing out my cards to anyone who seems to mention anything in regards to blogging, agriculture, or anything in general! And thanks for letting me have your old laptop. . . your trash is my treasure, Dad!! Thanks to Sarah for getting my rear in gear and telling me to do this. . . and making the cards for Teddy to pass out! You're a great agent! Thanks to my in-laws for spreading the word about this blog. Karma, you're a great "fan," and Rick, you're good for material to write about!! Thanks to Kara for taking beautiful pictures and helping to design (well, really doing all the work) on my blogspot. Thanks to DeAnna for talking to me, linking me up with your radio world, and taking me with you when you get famous!

Thanks to the girls for putting up with Mommy when I just need a minute to think. I have learned to write when it comes to me, and some times that's while we're playing. I love you three!

And, finally, thanks to Joe for all the general things: being supportive, being excited for me, being a critique and fact checker, but most of all for appreciating the fact that I now psychotically ask questions about your every move, and not just so I can go for a run by myself and know when you'll be home for dinner! I love you.

Thanks so much for reading, everyone. It is truly humbling to believe that someone out there thinks what I have to say is interesting.

Keep reading, and spread the word! Be an ag-vocate!

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  1. Your blog is truely one of my favorites, so please keep the great posts coming!!!