Thursday, September 2, 2010

Country Cross Training

No, it isn't a typo, for all you cross country runners out there. I can hardly find the energy or strength in my arms to type, and it's not because of an amazing run or crazy work out I just completed in the comfort of a gym. It's because I just finished scrubbing the scuzz off of my house and garage.

Are you jealous?

Part of the joy of living in the country is peace, quiet, a large yard, great views, and all the scum and dirt and grossness that comes with living on a gravel road. We did what was best for our family (well, mainly me) with the remodel of our house, and that was to do it all at once, and not live in it while we were doing so. However, the outside "fix up" has been a slower process. We have added decks, landscaping, sidewalks, a driveway, replaced a porch floor, trimmed trees, but still have a few more steps before we (again, mainly I) feel like it's complete. One of the not-so-fun aspects of this ordeal was the cleaning of our siding.


I love my white house, as it has a classic farmhouse look, but seriously Grandma (God rest your soul), what were you thinking with the white siding? Geesh. Anyway, thanks to my mom, some bleach, TSP cleaner, and a scrub brush, I embarked on the adventure for the day.

Anyone jealous yet?

Seriously, if you want some instant gratification, find some scum and zap it with this formula. It's very gratifying.

Anyway, my point for today is that holy cow am I tired, and again, it's not because I was slated in my crazy-organized exercise mind to "cross train" today. I have been on my feet, up and down, scrubbing, stopping to make lunch for my family, then back at it on a ladder, then with an extentable scrubber (usually used on tractors and semis). Thankfully, as I was cursing the bumpiness of the north side of our yard, teetering atop my ladder, Joe came in and set up farmer scaffolding. . .i.e., a pallet on the loader tractor. He came to my rescue- I was beginning to envision myself falling to my death off the tippy ladder- and finished the job, so I could go off and curse my gravel road and all its nastiness (again) on the front side of my house.

What I have taken from today is that I am happy to have heavy machinery around to help me do the lovely projects that come with having a home. I am so thankful that Joe was in and out today as well to help me finish up. I just hope that I am able to literally pick up the kids when I get to my mom's house. I don't think this project was ever completed in the years my grandparents lived here, nor the 10 years the various renters lived on the premises. Here's hoping I don't have to do this for another 10. Yikes.

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  1. I remember having to do some serious scrubbing on our white farmhouse as a child and am kind of glad I live in a brick condo these days. Hope your arms are recovering!