Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A World View

Do I have one?

I thought I was somewhat in-the-know. . . I mean, I catch the Today Show now and again (in between Curious George and Sesame Street), and read the newspaper and read online news , when I'm not checking out the sale site from Banana Republic. So, I guess that answers the question:

No, I am not at all worldly.

This is entirely my fault, and, in becoming a farm wife, and more specifically, a livestock farm wife, I have land-locked myself to this itty-bitty piece of the world forever. Which, I might add, I am happy to do so, as my piece of the world isn't generally associated with mud slides, earthquakes, nuclear war testing areas, and the like. I like my little part of the world. However, thinking that because I live in rural America, the world's problems do not affect me or my family's livelihood is unrealistic. Just today, my husband and father-in-law were talking about the way the stored grain in Brazil could affect the markets here.

Seriously, now I have to worry about Brazilian markets? I haven't figured out the way the grain markets work here! YARGH!

However, I should take this conversation as a teachable moment. I should hop online and google Brazilian grain markets. I should ask questions. I should try a Brazilian Steakhouse.

I guess just as important as asking questions to become more knowledgeable in the agricultural sector, I must also become more diversified in my knowledge of the world.

Well, duh, Emily.

How do I do this, on a shoestring budget, not to mention as a fearful flyer with control freak tendencies???? I would love to say that I could hop a plane and travel around the world for a few months, just to get to know it better (which, I would like to add, a former runner of mine did, and has an amazing blog about her journey.). However, in this stage of my life, I am unable to accomplish such a feat. Even though hands-on learning like this would be the best way to experience the world, I'm going to have to adapt my strategy.

So, I'm starting with the basics: perhaps using the Internet "for good," as my brother would say. Time to get worldly.

Maybe this would help beef up the image of a livestock farmer? Here's hoping we can dispel the images of bib overalls and bad grammar. Talk of the farmer's image is everywhere in the agricultural world, and I would like to help to work against these stereotypes. But, how can I do so when I'm not able to intelligently converse about the drought in Europe and its affects on the markets here? How am I to know that my cattle are the best beef around, when I have never taken in a Kobe steak dinner (notice I haven't been out on a date night in awhile??)? I would like to be able to speak intelligently in regards to the world market, and not just know how much rain "So-and-So" got up the road. It's easy to slip into the comfort of our own backyards, but in order to be more worldly, I am going to have to step out of my comfort zone and ask more questions of more people. I have stepped out by becoming a nuisance to my farmer family members, why not move on to strangers?

Time to get worldly . . .after I clean up the kitchen dishes and put the kids to bed!


  1. I randomly have these thoughts when the conversation changes to chemicals and prices and so on...or the type of tractor such and such has...the list is endless of the things I don't know about. But I reassure myself that I do have something I know and know well (being a labour and delivery nurse) and if and when the conversation arrives here, I can add my two cents. I don't have to know everything about farming...that's my husband's job, he decided to be a farmer...I just do my best everyday to listen and help whenever he needs me. I might not be able to rattle off grain prices, but I can run to town and pick up parts. Or make a great dinner. Or raise our kids to be safe and happy farm kids. And that is worth it's salt too. Don't be to hard on yourself, just listen and try to learn one new thing everyday. I now know to take OFF the emergency brake before driving the Rhino... :)

  2. Awesome blog! I just found you through the Love her blog to. We need to get you on Twitter great way to find all kinds of wordly agriculture news. Or you could just live vicariously through me. I am headed to Australia next week. Yes, there will be some beach time, wine and kangaroos, but lots of cows too!

  3. Enjoying your blog before heading to bed. Big day at the county fair tomorrow. It is hard to learn everything there is to know about ag. Keep reading (and blogging).