Friday, January 21, 2011

Bring It On, Chrissy

Okay, honestly people.

When do I get to go on the Today Show and peddle my craziness? "From the lady who brought you the Thighmaster and Boob Lifter, comes the latest in her plight to fight fat and leaky gut syndrome."

I'm not kidding. In the interview, she cites "leaky gut" syndrome as a medical condition, caused by eating corn fed beef. I might be a little bit sensitive to this, but I am indeed taking offense to the latest installment of Suzanne Somers' attack on American Livestock Producers and their products.

This has got to stop.

This is the second time this month that this woman, a person who is famous for her short shorts and blond hair, not her medical expertise, has come out proclaiming that beef, unless grass fed and organic, is basically toxic for your body, causing holes that lead to "leaky gut syndrome."

Now, I am not saying that in a country where we value our freedom of expression, speech and choice, should one not be able to choose his or her own food, and where it comes from. should have actual medical or scientific facts behind the choice, especially before going on national television and shooting down an industry entirely.

Somers's take on beef is that the corn fed to the animals has antibiotics in it, and that is what is making us all sick and fat. The CORN has antibiotics in it.

Huh. Now, we all know we have the option to give our plants Miracle Grow or put some sort of fertilizer on them, but I have never seen or heard about plants being administered antibiotics through injections.

This information is also coming from the woman who takes over 100 vitamins and supplements per day and has obviously injected most of her revenue from her crazy books into the the Botox injections in her face.

Thanks for keeping it au naturale, Chrissy.


This is obscene. How come there was no rebuttal position from a livestock farmer, beef industry executive or even MEDICAL DOCTOR during this segment? Thankfully, Natalie Morales did point out that Somers basically was peddling craziness (not in so many words), citing that there were no actual medical doctors used as experts in her book, and that such illnesses as "leaky gut" were not actual medical conditions, nor were her claims of eating corn fed beef causing holes in the stomach valid, according to the FDA. Thanks for that, Natalie, but WHY THE HECK IS THIS LADY ON YOUR SHOW ANYWAY???

Honestly people, please do not get your information about food and eating and whatever from Suzanne Somers. Please do not accept this as something that is anything other than a famous person with a platform that is doing essentially what I do, which is RANT!!!! I at least have some sort of expert around whom I can ask questions to.

My hope is that whatever choice you make, base it upon FACTS, not a woman who roller skated her way into the hearts of Americans in the seventies.

Come and knock on my door, Chrissy. Bring it on.


  1. Hey, I'd totally back you up if she shows up at your door. :) Not that you'd need fact, I just wanna be there for the show.

  2. Got to love how celebrity also equates to phd knowledge on any subject. She will be testifying to congress next, just wait and see.

  3. I agree Leah... just made that comment to my kids when she was on one of the morning shows earlier this month. Their question was "Who is that, Mom?". me..."Oh, just another celebrity who thinks because they come out of Hollywood that this gives them knowledge and a right to push their agenda upon us". And Emily I am sure you could take her on, and WIN !!

  4. The unfortunate thing is that her book will sell and some silly people will believe everything she says. I on the other hand (wife of a sheep and beef cattle farmer) really, really, REALLY enjoys a juicy steak from our home grown, corn fed cattle.

  5. Anyone retarded enough to take medical advice from Suzanne Sommers deserves whatever they get.

    Well-done on the retort!

  6. Too cool, Emily! I LOVE YOUR SITE! As I was reading, I was thinking back to Viceral Disorders, and I definitely don't recall the "Leaky Gut" chapter...Sell crazy somewhere else, Ms. Snow!

  7. We'd better watch out, Chrissy will probably become the next Michael Pollan!!! I'm in KS, but if she gives you notice...I got your back! Us aggie girls have to stick together!!

    Whether or not a person likes Suzanne Somers or her message, is not the point. Facts are facts and any number of causes may be speculated and spun into the interpretation of those facts. There are countless studies showing an increase in obesity, diabetes and heart disease with the increase of HFCS and corn fed meats into our diets. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing I enjoy more than a good pork chop or steak taken from corn fed hogs and cattle. But I don’t think anyone can argue the fact that a diet laden with corn derived products is less than an optimally nutritious diet. A stroll down Main Street USA should be enough to tell the casual observer that something has gone seriously awry no matter what sets of data or websites one gravitates towards.

    It shouldn’t take a multi million dollar research grant to see a correlation between America’s obesity epidemic and the increase in the use of corn sweeteners. Some consumer studies have shown the annual per-capita consumption of caloric sweeteners has increased by 40 pounds in the last 40 years, and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) has been shown to account for 81% of the 83 additional calories the average American consumes each day from sweeteners alone.

    I know that the mantra is “the American farmer feeds the world”, but what are they feeding them? On an Illinois corn growers website obviously geared to young consumers the product, corn, is highly touted as a universal food, naming soda, popcorn, candy, potato chips, hotdog buns, ketchup, mustard, cookies, nachos, bubble gum, corn chips, ice cream, as food products made with corn. A majority of products on a grocer’s shelf have HFCS as one of the top 3 ingredients. This may be viewed as great news by the farmer but at what cost to our society? Cancers of all types are known to thrive on sugars.

    One lifelong Iowa farmers’ admission in the film documentary King Corn, is very telling. He stated he raises over 7000 pounds of “food” per acre and can’t eat a bit of it. By his own admission he stated he never really thought of producing food but rather what crop paid him the greatest dividend in dollars per acre.

    I know my position is not a popular one given so many of my friends and family are in the corn business. Growing up on an IL farm, I can appreciate the desire to protect the farming lifestyle. What a great way to raise kids and yes farm people are the salt of the earth and the backbone of America. I would however give caution not to turn a blind eye to the obvious in order to defend a position in what is after all a business. The business of an Illinois farmer may be raising corn while the business of a Kentucky farmer may be raising tobacco. The main goal of business is to make money.

  9. I didn't see her on Today, but caught her on The Marilyn Dennis Show. Wow! If she is the picture of health, I'd rather eat chocolate cake and drink wine every day. Scary looking individual who's three neurons in her brain are not all firing in sequence. Surprising she can even get a publisher anymore!

  10. Emily - stumbled across your site today and love what you're doing. Thanks for setting the record straight. Wish we could say the same for NBC.