Friday, January 14, 2011

Calf Watch 2011-Update

He's here (I thought about titling this blog post something like this, but my mother would have had a heart attack...considering my current state!)!

Anyway, our newest addition to the Purebred Simmental herd is here!

Weighing in at just around 90 pounds, Yosemite Sam (Anna named him) came into the world with a little bit of difficulty, but (sparing you the truly gross details) with a little pushing from both Mama and Joe, the use of a few chains (don't ask, unless you really want to know), and the help of our neighbor and landlord, Lou, they delivered him safely and all parties are doing well.

We are hopeful that a late night, cold, and rather tricky delivery does not continue to be a trend during our calving season. This delivery occurred at 11:30 PM on one of the absolute coldest nights of this winter. In the cattle world, it seems that this is always the case. A friend of ours was laughing (now) about the birth of twin calves, in the snow, who were warmed by a hairdryer at 3AM, and then unfortunately died the next morning. Calving is tricky, and with constant observation and hopefully healthy deliveries, they can be pleasantly uneventful.

That, coupled with being lucky with your timing when you check the mamas! Thankfully, that night the Illini were playing that night (badly, thanks to the curse of playing Penn State at Penn State), and Joe and I had only been asleep on the couch for about an hour (or the second half of the terrible game), so he awoke to his alarm to go check her, just in time.

We are so excited to get this season started. Well, Joe's excited...I'm cautiously optimistic that most births will go well, and it will be a quick season.

Here's to hoping!


  1. The season started here as well .... Actually, one of our ladies is giving birth at the moment! I am so happy with the video camera in the barn and a monitor near our bed (how romantic ;-)
    from Holland

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