Saturday, July 30, 2011


Well, I spoke too soon.

Just a quick update on yesterday's "we dodged another bullet" post.

We have downed corn, but not so disastrous as it could have been, but frustrating nonetheless. Thankfully, we have a good strong "stand" on the plant (meaning, it was literally standing well before the wind came), so we're hopeful it will bounce up a little. Also, we have good crop case it doesn't bounce up as much as we need it to and there is a loss to report.

The interesting thing about this event, however, is that it brings out a lot of interesting character traits.

Observation #1: My husband, who is generally laid back and focused, is a mess about this. He logically knows there's nothing he could have done to prevent this wind, but it is eating him up, and that is bizarre and unfamiliar to me. I'm the one who is supposed to freak out.

Observation #2: My dad, who is pretty high strung (see my personality) is very "it is what it is" about this whole thing. That
is something that I am not used to. He and my uncle, however, are a good team for Joe to work with. They do not freak out about the weather. They are absolutely not in control of it, so they will not stew about it. It's strange.

Anyway, I spoke too soon yesterday morning, but fortunately, again, we are okay. Just another bump in the road.

Lucky me.

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