Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Valid Excuse?

Let me set the scene.

It was 6:05 in the morning. I was headed home from my early morning Power Pump class at the Y, and I was hoping that no one would be awake at my house so I could start my coffee and laundry before the chaos of the morning ensues. I was also hoping that since it was indeed 6:05, that Joe wouldn't be irritated by having to be a few minutes late to make his early morning rounds at the calving barn.

So, as I tooled through town, I was focused on other things.

Not the speed limit.

As I turned onto our hard road, about three miles from home, the lights went on.

The red and blue lights.

Of. A. Cop.


Yup, I got pulled over this morning. What a glorious way to start the day.

However, when the cop, who evidently wanted to make small talk (or hear a good excuse) asked me if there was a particular reason why I was speeding, I didn't bust out tears, or a story of having to use the bathroom or whatever. I blurted out, without pause, "We're calving, and I need to get home for my husband to do his checks."


Realizing only after the words came out that it probably sounded ridiculous, the cop answered with a, "Well, that makes sense."


Then, realizing again where we were pulled over, nearly 100 yards from a sign reading, "Kieswetter Angus," did I realize this dude probably has pulled over his fair share of farmers, and subsequently, farm wives, so I'm sure his list of farm related excuses is long.

However, it didn't work, and I am blessed to still have my license, but a nice ticket to add salt to the wound that is is named budget issues.


Anyway, I am constantly reminded the affects of farming on my life, and am proud of my ability to use  it as an excuse with a law enforcement agent without skipping a beat. If only I could have whipped up some tears to go along with it.

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