Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Recognizing a Good Thing

Please excuse my lack of postings. It's not that nothing has been going on, in fact, Phase One of planting (aka, corn) is nearly complete. Calves are nearly all birthed. A half marathon has been trained for and is getting ready to run. Kids are literally crawling all over the house, and the weather has been great to allow them to take it all outside.

So, it's not just my "busy-ness" that has caused a lack of posting. I feel as if I have turned a corner. I feel as if I am starting to understand. I even have had more "Mmm-hmm" moments than "Aha!" moments lately.

I am not an agriculture expert, by any means, but the day to day that has been going on has become less of a source of strife in our marriage, less of a "what the heck?" minute for me, and more of a "oh yeah...I remember, but might have blocked it out" moment.
Just the other day, Joe needed me to do a chore, like an actual cattle chore. He prefaced this chore with the remark, "Now, you need to do something for me, but you don't even have to change your shoes."

Now that's a chore that screams my name!

We had just made it home from church, the kids and I, and were getting ready to head back to town to my mom's so I could go to the other, bigger town for a get-together, sans kids. Joe's purebred cattle, however, hadn't been watered that day, and although there is a good spring running through their pasture, he likes to have a big tub of water for them just in case they don't meander their way down to the spring. He and Anna generally take care of this duty on the weekends, and I knew where the cattle were, but that was pretty much it. So, when Joe was explaining what I needed to do, he added, "And Anna will know what to do, too."

Yes, even though I have my moments of "oh yeah, I know that!," my seven year old is still way more wise in the ways of cattle than me.


Anyway, we packed into the car, after rearranging a few plans (as the pasture where these cows are is the opposite direction we were intended), we piled in the car and headed east.

We were indeed able to do the chore sans a shoe change, and as Anna stood back from the fence, counting eight babies and eight mama cows and one bull, which, thankfully was the correct total, I took a good look at the cattle.

The scene was picturesque: Deep red Simmental purebreds set against a foreground of lush pasture. The white barns seemed stark and crisp against the deep blue of the sky that day. The cattle were unfamiliar with me, so were up at the fence line, curiously looking at me, as I teetered around in wedge heels and skinny jeans (did I mention I had another thing to do, and I don't just traipse around in wedges...that much.). I don't know much about cattle, but I do know that Joe cares deeply for his herd, and it shows. They were all so tame, so clean, so healthy looking. I almost wanted to pet one! And don't get me started on the calves! Holy smokes are they cute!

I guess I haven't really had any time to step back and enjoy our herd. This particular group of cattle is not en route to anywhere for me, and the cows and calves across the road from our house are, frankly, white noise. I am too interested in keeping the kids in line or remembering what I need at the store to have really noticed what a great group of animals we have. I found myself last Sunday enjoying the colors, the inquisitive eyes and the serenity of the pasture. It was so relaxing. While I have generally stayed away because I know I would probably make the cattle nervous, they're so tame and calm and just curious, I think I might need to get to know them better.

So I guess I need to do chores more, huh?

Well, maybe not chore chores, but more that don't require a shoe change!

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  1. Those are the moments I LOVE the best about farm life, when you can just soak in the nature and appreciate the hard work. You painted a beautiful description of the scenery, I could almost see it!