Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We're Waiting

That's the answer to the question that everyone has been asking me in regards to our planting schedule.

So, have you started yet? (guy at the gas station who evidently knows who I am despite my lovely post-run attire)
(me) We're waiting.

Hey! It's hot...isn't it time to get out there and get started? (lady at the gym upon finding out I am a farmer's wife)
(me) Yes, I know, it's 85 degrees. We're waiting.

Well, you never know what will happen in May...might just want to get some crop in the ground (guy at the gas station again, another post-run donut purchase)
(me)Thanks for the advice, I'll pass it along...(to myself, I'm certain they won't listen to me!!), but we're waiting.

Upon finally asking Joe what the heck the deal is with us not starting:
(Joe) We go by the date on the calendar, not the degrees on the thermometer.

We're all tired of answering these similar questions, because to the guys and now to me, it seems kind of obvious to me that we wouldn't plant until after the 20th of April.
The reasons being, but not limited to:

1)It's Illinois. The weather is fickle.
2) We're superstitious (read about it here).
3) We're not in a hurry.
4) Need I mention again that we live in Illinois...where some times there's snow in April??

Anyway, as much as the past few weeks of warmer weather has made me start to think about flowers and window washing, and all the joys that come with spring home ownership, I am not jumping the gun, either. I'm hopeful that the decision the guys have made around here to not start just yet won't come back to bite us in the end.

But, that's just another one of the joys of this beloved occupation.


  1. thanks for this...also waiting! :)

  2. We got started planting our Pioneer plot on Monday and the guys just kept going. Tuesday, they decided they would get the corn in the ground at the farm farthest away. Today, they are planting across the road. And so it has begun.....

  3. I love reading your posts, but it makes me long for wide, open spaces. Happy planting!

  4. Two weeks ago we planted an experimental plot of okra and were supposed to plant peanuts this week, except a front moved through and now the fields are too wet. It looks as if we will get get rain again this weekend. So, we're waiting too.