Friday, July 6, 2012

Go Big, or Go Home

We have cabbage overload.

Our neighbor (read: the couple that lives nearly two miles down the road) gave us the world's largest cabbage the other day. Per my friend's request, I nearly cut it open and put Jack in to make a life-sized Cabbage Patch Kid, but didn't.

Instead, I doubled my cousin's Asian Cabbage Salad recipe, using still only 1/2 of the world's biggest cabbage, and we're on meal #2 of it as a side dish.

And it still looks like we haven't touched it.


It is "in" to garden, even though, obviously folks have been doing it for centuries. It's trendy to post a picture on Facebook of your harvest. Chubby cheeked toddlers with a big zucchini is pretty cute, but I would like to see these folks' gardens, because my husband has a theory on gardening:

You either go big, or go home.

Seriously. We planted sweet corn with our little planter. Joe cornered off a portion of the field last year for our was nearly 3/4ths of an acre.

And I had a newborn.

And three other kids.

Thus, no garden...just a lot of weeds.

Sigh, again.

Thus, this year, our "garden" consists of Anna's garden in a glove project from 1st grade, which has been eaten alive by Asian beetles, and has given us one tiny radish.

Yay, us!

What's wrong with me? Shouldn't I be better at this? I have been a farm wife, scratch that, a country living wife for six years, shouldn't I have figured out how to keep carrots alive, grow lovely tomatoes and dig up potatoes? I enjoy eating my mother-in-law's vegetables. We love the cabbage...thankfully, since we'll be eating it until September. So why can't I figure this out?

I'm still hearing the words of the mother of one of my good friends...who happened to be slightly tipsy, but was a former farm wife, nonetheless, "You're not a real farmwife if you don't garden."

Gah. Really? I'm not? Again with the barriers I have to break down!

I'm keeping kids alive and a few flowers...isn't that enough?

I'm trendy in a lot of ways. Currently, I am sporting a running skirt (laugh if you want to, but girls, try's awesome). I love skinny, colored jeans and big bold prints. I scour home, fashion, and pop culture blogs, pin to my boards on Pinterest, and follow different folks on Facebook for the latest why I am unable to go with the gardening trend?

We're going to try next year. We really are. I can make a mean homemade pico de gallo/guacamole, so it would be nice to have some of our own tomatoes to use in it.

However, I am NOT going to go big or go home...I'm going to go with the trend of the family I saw in town the other day...a cute little painted box (somewhat resembling a sandbox) filled with a few (A FEW) plants.

Then, maybe I'll feel like a farm wife.


  1. I feel you! I have studied agriculture and can't make a garden work. We've harvested a few things this year, but nothing to brag about. I have 6 tomato plants, and so far only 3 tomatoes are growing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is why God made Farmers Markets.