Friday, July 6, 2012

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Who is singing that classic 80s song with me? I happen to be married to an 80s music aficionado, but that's another post, another day.

Anyway, it has come to my attention that out here in the country, even though directions are given by landmarks (turn left at the taxidermy, look for the big grain you can find my house!), signs are plentiful along the road side.

Just this morning, I noticed not only multiple traffic signs, including a "pass with care" one and then a "do not pass" sign just a few feet from it...make up your mind, people!!...but also nearly a dozen seed company signs. This was just on one road!

Signs at this time are out and about, brandishing names of seed dealers, brands of seed, as well as the seed's variety number. Plot fields are marked with multiple signs, featuring multiple varieties which will be the topic of conversation...along with the lack of rain and hot plot days in a few weeks. These days are basically a "show and tell" for the seed dealer and his bigger, parent company. Usually accompanied by a lovely lunch of steak or burgers and some sort of pie (I love a good plot cooking!), agronomists, experts, dealers, district managers, and the farmers all gather to hear about the innovations and advancements made in the industry, and to see the different varieties planted side-by-side.

However, I'm digressing, back to signs.

Signs not only show what is planted in a field, but also mark who's farm is where. There are signs for farms that have been in one family for over 150 years, there are signs showcasing a certain type of cattle that are raised on this particular farm. Signs are not limited to just placards on sticks or landscaped, bricked fancy signs. Out here, everything can hold a message. I have some cousins who lived on a farm where "Just a Mere Farm" was plastered on a barn's roof. There's a grain bin near where I grew up brandishing the phrase, "Agriculture, America's Heartbeat." This is not graffiti, this is how we know who does what and where he or she lives...I guess.

So, I guess we need a sign. I spent a better part of my run considering what our sign should say, and haven't come up with much. What comes to mind is "Crazy House Farm" or "Rain Dance Row," but those aren't quite right.

Any suggestions??

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