Friday, August 10, 2012

Turn, Turn, Turn

I feel like I have been sweaty for a year.

This summer started in March and although I love a good sweat, I mainly enjoy the grossness of our body's cooling mechanism after a good workout, a hard run, or working in the yard.

Sweating as of late would happen as I was walking to the car, or while walking to get to the mail, or as I would set the kids up in front of the corn to get a picture taken for our corn growth journal.

So, today, when I woke up, bleary-eyed thanks to sick children, I stepped outside to feel the coolness of the morning. It was so cool that Joe had to wear a sweatshirt to chore, Josie chose her fuzzy boots to wear to play outside, and I am currently wearing jeans.

I love wearing jeans, and, thus, I am so happy.

In fact, we're all in a bit of a better mood today, and I think it's not only because I am denim clad at the moment, or just because of the fresh air blowing through my open windows. I think we're all a little nicer today because, although we love pool time, sprinklers, and running around the yard on a summer's day, the coolness of today signifies there's going to be an end to this dry, hot year.

That's something that has gotten me through this crummy growing season, and that's thanks to my mom. She mentioned the other day that although it's dry and hot and yucky, seasons are not permanent. We are not permanently going to be sweaty. We are not going to be permanently dry, and I think God has given us a day like today to remind me that this season will pass.

To everything turn, turn, turn...there is a season, turn, turn, turn.

Didn't you feel like singing that with me...possibly holding hands, around a campfire, in late October...when it's permanently cool around here?

Okay, maybe not.

Regardless of whether you're humming along or not, today is a day that the kids (minus Anna who was doing "real work," a.k.a. chores) were happy to pose in front of the corn. It's a little rough, but we have an ear, and that's something.

Enjoy this day...I know I will.

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