Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Diary of a Snow Day

*Blogger’s note: This was written yesterday afternoon, and consistent with the day…wasn’t uploaded until this morning, thanks to the distraction that comes with a snow day! Happy Wednesday!

Diary of a Snow Day

5:00 AM Rise to consider meeting my running partner in town. Become coherent enough to hear the wind howling and roll over to go back to sleep.

5:45 AM Farmer Joe’s alarm goes off, reports to a now deep sleeping me that there is no snow on the ground, but the radar and Facebook status exclamations say otherwise.

6:30 AM All rise, breakfast served, snow starts…vertical snow, howling wind, ice pellets hitting the windows. Joe and I devastate our girls by declaring today a snow day whether the school cancels or not. Direct quote from Anna, “But Dad, my perfect attendance record will be RUINED!!” Yes, we raise nerdy school-loving children.

6:45 AM Girls still in protest over not going to school, Joe in protest of going out in the elements to do chores, Emily in protest of not being able to clean in peace this afternoon…Jack proceeds to dump his Cheerios on the floor. Text from Mom and Dad, en route to the Commodity Classic in Orlando…stuck at the airport indefinitely.

7:00 AM Official call from the school cancelling school. Praise the Lord, the perfect attendance record still stands!

7:25 AM Joe embarks as Nanook of the North, layering and topping with rain gear, thanks to the lovely slushy snow, to check and feed. We pray that there are no calves born out in the elements.

9:30 AM Crafts in full gear, laundry started, no beds made, no kids dressed, me starting on our pulled pork for dinner (because who doesn’t want to smell chili powder and garlic at 8:30 AM?), and Joe returns, drips all the way through the house, in desperate search of coffee. Emily nearly sighs herself into hyperventilation.

11:30 AM Laundry still going, two baths given, all toys out, children beginning to fight…

and I proclaim, “I WISH YOU HAD SCHOOL!!”

1:00 PM Jack asleep, all children out doing chores and playing in the snow with Dad, Mom has a date with Shaun T and his Insanity workout, and all is well in the world. Text from Mom, all clear and boarding!

Right now: Wii dancing, a little arguing, Dad choring, Jack still snoring…me in the office, door shut, trying to complete a witty thought for your reading pleasure. Just checked the radar, and there's a chance for more weather tonight.


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