Friday, February 15, 2013

My Funny Valentine

I know, I know...

It's the day after Valentine's Day, but if you haven't noticed, this blog has taken a back seat to laundry, sleep, and paying attention to my little ones.

However, I have to give my valentine, my Farmer Joe, props for this year. He's not a guy who speaks the gift love language (unfortunately, he is married to someone who does...), so all holidays and giving me a gift give him hives. Plus, you add in the fact that he rarely goes anywhere that has anything more than a WalMart in town, so his choices for gift purchasing are limited. I have also come to realize that all holidays seem to fall on times that are busy for Joe, because, as a livestock farmer, when isn't there a busy time?

Valentine's Day, no exception.

Right now, it's calving time, specifically, heifer (first time mom) calving time, and that makes Joe nervous and preoccupied. So, if you factor in an already stressful time for guys, i.e. Valentine's Day, this wife realizes that fancy gifts, dinners out, and long, sappy love poems are not in the cards, literally.

Not that I expect diamonds on Valentine's Day anyway...

but a girl can hope, right?

Anyway, my Valentine is crafty, though, and always seems to be able so sneak away and procure a funny card (always with an animal husband/wife combo...which I love, because, who doesn't like to be compared to a squirrel??) and flowers.


I love that.

I love that even though Joe is busy, hates buying things that seem just unnecessary and will, in fact, die in a few days, he still gets it for me.

He understands that I appreciate the fact that he took time out of his hectic and muddy birthing schedule to clean up, go to town, and think of me.

Some day, we'll be able to actually go out for Valentine's Day, without the babysitting, without the food cutting, and without the chaos, but until then, I'll take the squirrel card and roses.

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