Monday, April 15, 2013

Something Shiny

So, if you haven't already heard, today is my birthday.

You hadn't? Well, maybe because it's Tax Day, it's overshadowed.

Anyway, I have mentioned that I am a consumer, haven't I? Previously, I have mentioned also that birthdays are a big deal, and I especially enjoy MY birthday.

me, me, ME...huh??

Anyway, my adoring husband is a lot more practical, a bit less of a consumer, and NOT AT ALL likely to be found at any sort of mall in any other season, sans Christmas.


So, when he announced the big girls and he were off to Farm King to get Anna a new pair of boots and "just some other things," I realized what day it was, the proximity to my birthday (three days...just about right for Joe's shopping timeline), I knew I would be receiving something shiny and new.

From Farm King.

That can range in awesomeness from anything from a belt buckle, mixing bowls, lug nuts for whatever you use lug nuts on, but can also include a lovely camouflaged recliner and even some camo undies.

Nice, huh?

Anyway, I have learned in the twelve years Joe and I have been together it takes a village to get me a gift. One year, it was a gift certificate that a friend of ours picked up for him. One year, it was a self-chosen and purchased pair of sunglasses. However, this year between calving and working and kids, I hadn't had time to really put into words what I wanted Joe to get me, and let's be honest, I had already picked out a super cute green skirt from Banana Republic, purchased today in honor of...ME!!!

So, off they went.

I have to admit, I was very specific this year. I needed a new electric skillet. I knew they had them in stock at Farm King. And, I made a note of it to Joe four days before my birthday to throw the poor guy a bone. It's a lot of pressure to have me as a wife. If I want it, and it's within our budget, I usually get it, and there's no way a new Suburban will be parked in my driveway on my birthday, or a new couch or whatever...and plus, I want to pick that stuff out, anyway!!

So, Farm King it is.

And, I am going to whip up a big ol' batch of pancakes that won't stick to the pan, thanks to my sweet husband and loving kids.

I am so thankful for Farm King. It allows me to enjoy a good breakfast, and also gives my husband an outlet to find me something shiny...

even if it does have a cord and is used in the kitchen.

Happy birthday to me!! Pancakes for all!


  1. Happy Birthday! love your blog! I love kitchen things for gifts... practical and the husband feels so proud of his purchases. The latest is an amaing dehydrator! Inspired twice by your post... first: off to make pancakes for the 4 kiddos and husband before I'm off to milk. second: embracing my birthday this year... I'll be 21+8 and it's about time to do it up right. Any suggestions?

  2. You can't go wrong with anything that helps make pancakes!

    It's now time to start thinking about gifts for next year. Happy belated birthday!