Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Food Wars, Again

I'm baaaaacccckkkk.

Well, not really, I just happen to be at home on a preschool day, and my little man is happily playing by himself. So, instead of cleaning the swampy bathroom or unloading the dishwasher/dryer/washing machine (you pick), I'm blogging.

All for you, dear readers.

All for you.

Anyway, did you know the Food Wars are waging on? Still? I know, I know, this again... but they won't go away. Have you seen the latest anti-agriculture, not correct in the slightest commercial?  Chipotle has taken to the marketing waves ala Panera, and has put out this product, and, consequently, put-off, a lot of agricultural folks. Through the same methods of fear and misinformation, Chipotle tells the tale of Big Burrito and the Big Ag industry and the lovely Scarecrow who loves the earth and feeds the world, one burrito at a time.

And while I know I should have more of a knee jerk, "That's not RIGHT!" reaction, I find myself just sighing. Because, honestly, I'm tired of this fight. I don't feel like it's fair, and obviously, what we're doing to advocate is not working. And while this argument is frustrating and the information is incorrect, it's STILL HAPPENING, and apparently, people are STILL BELIEVING IT.

Thus, I become frustrated.

I can't change anyone's mind, but the food wars wage on, and thanks to social media, information overload, over-consumerism, and obviously the NEED for healthy burritos (is this an oxymoron?), the American public seems to just go with whatever is "trending." Which reminds me...did you know the Today Show has a hard-hitting news segment every morning of "What's Trending Today," which includes all things that seemingly were scrounged from the pages of the National Inquirer.

I'm digressing.

What I began to say was that although I cannot change anyone's mind, and because I refuse to chain myself to Chipotle's doors with a picture of my hardworking husband on a t-shirt and get some publicity, my story won't be told, and those of the lovely small-farmer Scarecrow in Chipotle's ads will get more air time than Joe and Anna working calves on a Sunday afternoon.

Because that's BORING! We're boring. We're not money grubbing Big Ag producers. We're BORING people who work like dogs during the day and fall asleep watching the Big Bang Theory at night. Life around here isn't sensationalized like what you see on ridiculous 20/20 investigative reports or in stupid commercials depicting farmers as corporate big head, arrogant and greedy men. We're folks who want it to rain to put our crop out of danger so we can pay for preschool, and the operating loan, and our increasing grocery bill.

So, I'm tired of this fight, because I'm starting to think our angle is wrong. I'm wondering if because the American public believes advertising more than a personal story, maybe I should chain myself to a Chipotle door (date night, honey!). Maybe I should sensationalize our farm lifestyle to get some more press.

Or maybe I should just get back to cleaning the bathroom and folding laundry, because that's more up my alley.

I'm tired of this fight, because it's not fair. In light of the message Chipotle is trying to send of kindness and loving and caring farmers, they're actually being kind of jerks to farmers. They are a profit based company, which is fine by me, but don't attack another's livelihood to make a bigger bang and thus bigger bucks. That's not fair, and neither kind nor loving nor nice.

If we'd all let each other do our own jobs, the ones that we are good at, trained for, and care about, wouldn't life be a lot easier?

With that, I should get back to what I do the best...and clean the bathroom.


  1. You know the worst part? I keep finding myself humming that song!!! Grrrrr.

  2. I so love your blog posts. I feel the same way, I haven't seen the Chipotle ads, but I know where you are coming from. We are just small cookies even compared to your family-- we have a few beef cows, some chickens, and a pig. But we also help my parents too with their cows and wheat. I am seriously so sick of everyone asking "Is it NON GMO? Is it Organic?" etc... So many people think (because of social media/ads) that if a cow is fed any kind of corn it automatically means antibiotics and feedlots. sigh. I could go on for hours...

  3. I completely get what you are saying. You are not alone in how you are feeling. Unfortunately...

  4. If it is any comfort, the uninformed are starting to say that doesn't sound right to the Panera and Chipotle ads. Did you know McDonalds owns Chipotle. Interesting huh?

    As an IL Field Mom we are learning the truth and blogging about it. So thank you for writing about it. Your message is being received by newbies like myself. Unfortunately, we need to site our sources while the food extremists get away with options masking as truth.

  5. Why do you think consumers like that sort of message? Does fear really work? It frustrates me, I have tried to make my ranch transparent but its never enough.. they eat yet they are not on our side!

  6. The Chipotle commercial brings me to wonder what it is that they are really trying to cause, when looking at the overall big picture. Do they realize that if they influence Americans to no longer eat modern agriculture grown food, so that the only food options are naturally grown and organic, or those similarly, the food supply would decrease greatly, demand would stay constant, and overall price would increase. This would cause Chipotle to have to charge more for their product, and may lose customers in the long run? Maybe? Only if we knew...

  7. If only we could make agriculture "sexy"...The uphill battle that we fight is nearly (if not) impossible because our story is positive. We're boring because we do good. The public likes negative press, which is why the Chipotle ad is so successful.

  8. My favorite part of this is the "falling asleep to Big Bang Theory". Its scary that our daughter stops in her tracks, turns, and bounces to it whenever it comes on, because it is on a LOT at our house, and its on the Sleep Timer to go to sleep by.....:-) Glad we aren't alone.....we even have a barn cat named "Zazzles"