Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Are We There Yet?

Lots of equipment keeps rolling out of our shed.

The semis are/have been taken to get their check-ups and have had a fresh wash.

There are people along the drive to town working, rolling, hauling, harvesting.

Posts on Facebook show that folks are working.

However, we wait.

We're not there yet, and it's starting to get itchy. No one wants to start too soon, no one wants to wait too long. Everyone in our operation knows it's not quite time, but everyone is also getting that anticipation anxiety.

Joe's happy to watch the Cardinals as the end of the season draws near (did you see the almost no-hitter last night??? Amazing, and a bummer at the same time.), but I know that he's thinking constantly at what's ahead. The guys are hoping for a good harvest, a safe harvest, an easy harvest, but with our track record and the weird weather, we're all bracing for some craziness.

So, we're not there yet, but I promise as soon as we get there, I'll let you know.

For now, I'll just stock up on Nutty Bars and try to keep my boy from climbing all over the tractors that are so close to our driveway, you can smell them!!


  1. Starting here today in Illinois.. I washed combine windows this morning!

  2. That was an amazing game! We started harvest on the 6th, really wish it would just be over with. Hope you all have a great harvest!