Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why Wouldn't It Rain?

Remember when it rained and rained.

Remember when it didn't?

Well, it's decided to be wet and soggy and foggy NOW, when we're in the midst of harvest, and don't ask me how much we have left (I was told it's still a lot, and we're not to discuss it). And, it's nearly Halloween, and my kids have colds, and they still want to trick-or-treat...


I'm coming to you today with the mind of someone who has had sick children, little sleep, and can't remember when I rescheduled today's orthodontist appointment for next week, but is too embarrassed to call the office don't expect great things from this streamofconsciousness post.

However, I'm just giving you, dear readers, a see, Holly, my dear friend, has challenged us once again to make November a 30 Days of Blogging month.

And I , like a good blogger, agreed to join her.

but now...



I'll be okay, but I figured I should warn you that your Confessions of a Farm Wife feed will be so active, you'll think I had a resurgence of creative juices. You'll think I was getting paid for this gig.

While Holly has already mapped out her blogs, I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants writer. However, I needed a theme, so stay tuned. I'll be starting on November 1st, possibly suffering from a sugar induced coma and feeling pretty grouchy after my night of chasing kids while trick-or-treating...which, by the way, Josie wants me to dress up as a fashion designer (because she thinks I'm fancy), but I told her I was a single mom (sorry, Joe...just a funny)...

But, I just thought of something...if it's raining, Joe can help CHASE!! OH THE JOYS!!

Let's hope for just a little more drizzle, and a quick dry...then maybe I can pull off the fashion designer costume...

Happy Wednesday!

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