Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Uncharted Waters

No, it's not raining here.

And, nope...we're not "boat people," but wouldn't that be fun to sail away....

I have a boy.

A toddler boy.

An inquisitive, machinery obsessed, Batman toting, horn honking, combine crazy boy.

And boy-oh-boy does my house/demeanor/to-do list/laundry pile reflect it!

Case in point:

Last night, as Joe returned from taking the first few loads of grain to town and, of course, dealing with a cow being out, so a fence was checked in the dark (on the first day of harvest, of course), our little guy ran up to him as he ate his warmed up dinner and said, "Daddy, let (please say that with a "y" sound instead of an "l" sound...it's cuter) me tell you something. I need a tractor ride."

This was one of the first times our little guy had seen his daddy all day, and this is what he deemed necessary to tell him at that point in time.

"I need a tractor ride."

While the girls are excited about the combine being in the field across the road, and Anna is loving working with her new heifer calves, prepping them for showing this summer, Jack is a totally different demeanor when it comes to tractors, combines, trucks, even his Gator.

Today as we rolled in from preschool drop off, he jumped out of the van and headed to his Gator, backed it out (yes, his backing out skills are better than mine), and headed over to the part of the driveway where the guys were having their morning conversation. Cap on his head, my little guy joined the dudes and asked Grandpa for a sit in the semi, where he promptly tooted the horn. He wants to be out there. He wants to know where/what/how Dad is doing what he's doing.

It's completely uncharted territory.

We have a tomboy. We have a princess. We have a Millie (and if you know us and our Amelia...you know what I mean). Now, we have a Jack.

A farm boy.

And this is a great time of year to be a farm boy.

I just have to figure out how to keep him safe, happy, occupied, and get my laundry done!


  1. Suggestion: ENJOY EVERY SECOND! It's such a privilege to be part of a farm family. My toddler was out in the tractor and combine WAY too late last night. But sleep can be made up, laundry will get done when it gets done. But this time of year only happens once each year. Live it up and cherish everything going on around you. Some of my fondest memories were harvest with my grandparents and parents. It is not only fun but teaches the kiddos some valuable lessons about hard work, safety, etc. It's so awesome to be a farmer!

  2. If hubby is up for company let him ride along for awhile each day. My son will be 5 at the end of the month and he is happiest riding with dad in the combine or tractor. As for just being outside this time of year we make him wear a bright orange safety vest over his coat/sweatshirt. . This makes him more visible to everyone in the equipment. We do this with our son. He knows when the guys are working in the fields around our house he can't go outside without it. It helps that my husband and all the guys that work on the farm started wearing the hi-vis vest also. (Can be bought at F&F) The guys all wear them. It's great for when they are working into the night.

  3. Oh farmboys... I have 3 of them (6,5, and 3)... My 3 year old is most obsessed with farm machinery. We got him to potty-train because we told him he can ride in the combine (named Frank, of course) when he went to the potty everyday. The highlights of his day revolve around the tractors. I would make tractor rides be rewards for things (letting mommy finish this or that, helping you do some chore, etc). If that is not possible for whatever reason that day, I use my awesome drawing skills (not) to make a small tractor booklet (with paper and staples) to have him color. He loves them because I draw him all the machinery... it looks like crap, but he carries it around until it's in pieces.

    All the boys like to "help" me do my farm chores. They love helping with meat chickens and layers and m youngest likes to help me milk our jersey. He'll start helping feed sheep soon. That gets some of that farmboy energy out without Papa having to exert more energy. My 6 year old is taking over layer duty in a couple months though. Perfectly old enough and a good responsibility building chore while earning some money and feeling like he has a steady role on our farm.

    Good luck to you... and about that laundry... don't ever do it while they are awake. It's pointless. Between the 4 kids, one of them will always knock at least 1 pile over.

  4. I loved riding in the combine with my dad. My mom found these plastic little chairs that would fit on the floor for me to sit in. I hope your harvest goes great. Beans are going better than expected, but the corn is still too wet. Happy Harvest!

  5. Eeek I am engaged to a farmer and honestly I'm overwhelmed already! I'm excited, and of course I love him, but it's definitely a different lifestyle. We are starting out with my two children so it's an adventure for all of us I guess. Any pointers for a beginner? :)


  6. My two year old sounds just like Jack. Anything that has wheels is the coolest thing ever so having harvest in full swing is exciting everyday. (And my to do list, house, email, blog, etc. all reflect it too)