Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I'm BACK!!!

Well, kind of.

Truthfully, Holly wrote this blog, and DeAnna worked her editing and recording magic on this, so I can only take credit for some of the talking on this podcast and ALL of the background noises, as my sweet boy was around while we were recording.

Have I mentioned he's TWO...

And that he may need some attention once in a while.

And he may have been bribed with candy.

What the heck, it's Christmas, right?

Anyway, listen here,'s the second installment of the Confessions of a Farm Wife (Wives?) podcast!

Merry Christmas!!!

Left to right: DeAnna Thomas, Emily Webel and me. And yes, thats a white squirrel on my shirt because OLNEY, Illinois.


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  2. I love listening to you guys' real lives!! It totally made my day to know that I'm not the only farm wife whose head is constantly spinning between wife and motherhood! I loved it! Thank you!!!