Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Season to Grow

Happy Mother's Day weekend, friends!

In light of my recent, annoyingly cryptic blog posts, I am happy to say that all cats are out of the bag, and I can now share with you some changes, growth opportunities, and exciting news with all of you.

Please, however, if you're on a mobile device and standing up, you may want to sit down.

First of all, if you have seen me lately, no, I haven't been in the kids' Easter candy. Yes, I have had to give up my running for a while as we are …honestly…sit down…expecting again, and it's TWINS.


As in two.



Two babies.

I told you. It's kind of a big deal. Like a get a different car, add onto the house out of necessity and round up the baby stuff I gave away big deal.

We are pleasantly surprised, happy to share our news, and have heard all happy congratulations and a few that maybe needed social training. I'd like to answer a few questions that people have asked, once in for all.

Yes, we know how this happens.

No, we don't have enough room, but are making that happen.

Yes, I will keep working.

Yes, I have a GREAT support system.

Yes, we were surprised.

Yes, we are happy.

And, yes, we know that we will have a) a basketball team with a sub b) an entire infield of a baseball team c) half an egg carton and d) six kids to put through college.

But thanks for the congrats, anyway.

Anyway, despite overcoming exhaustion and feeling yucky, I am embracing being pregnant for the ABSOLUTE LAST TIME. I will enjoy Blizzards from Dairy Queen, having the close parking spot at the mall (thanks to whoever developed the "reserved for expectant mothers" spot!), and will be utlizing help from who all are willing to give it.

I'm the ultimate multitasker, and this set of twins will absolutely put me to the test.

So, we're growing, alongside the crops, I'll be growing little farm kids to help out around here…because we're going to need it.

The other test we're going to enjoy this fall is Joe's new opportunity. He's headed back to the classroom this fall as our high school's agriculture teacher and FFA sponsor. This was Joe's first career and first love. His life changing times were often times had during the opportunities ag education and FFA offered. We are thrilled. It's a great fit, and will be good for Joe's soul…and those six kids who need to go to college. And eat.

We are hopeful that the farm we have helped to make thrive will go on under our watchful eye, with some adjustments, of course, but times need to change, we need to grow, and be fed as professionals as well as people.


There you go.

You may get up now, go about your day, and when you're thinking about the one, two, or maybe three extra mouths you have to feed, remember our brood. We just continue to grow.

And grow.
And grow.

Prayers appreciated.


  1. Congrats! My sister has two (yes, two) sets of twin girls. It's a lot of work in the beginning but the secret no one tells you is that once they can eat themselves, they are easier than one at a time. Good luck and God Bless!

  2. I did not ask any of the aforementioned dumb questions, because I read "10 things never to say to a pregnant woman" on Facebook. HA!

  3. Beautiful family. Babies are a lot of work, but looks like you've got some good helping hands there.

  4. Exciting news! You seem like the perfect mother to handle it all! Congrats!

  5. God will equip you with the patience and the family and friends to support you. You and Joe are very loved and many hands will be there for you. Those of us from far will be praying. And we know that God never makes mistakes - these are truly blessings!

  6. Congratulations! The way I always look at big families is how lucky those new babies, in your case your two, will be loved! They'll have you and your husband and four older sibilings to love them and for them to love.

  7. So exciting! What a wonderful beautiful gift for your family! Congrats and good luck!

  8. I'm late, but wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS! Somehow I missed this announcement! Your heart must be so full, I can't even imagine. I'll send up a prayer for healthy babies. Will you find out the sexes?