Wednesday, May 14, 2014

And Just Like That...

…we're done!

Yep. Planting is done.

Why is it that I kind of dread planting, and then realize that it doesn't really take that long? Sure, the guys have all hands on deck, two planters (one big, one little), and work long hours, but I still kind of dread it.

The guys put in long days, and we had cooperative weather, so I didn't have too many whiny, alone moments…which is a good thing, right? However, I am rarely alone, so there's that.

Just last week, I read a blog post about ten things you'd have to endure as a farmwife during planting, however, hardly any applied to me. During my time as a farmwife, I have just been the car seat toting, toddler carrying, kid run arounder, so I rarely get a chance to hop into the tractor and enjoy a solo ride with my husband. Plus, our guys are not huge fans of the ride-a-long, as it's a focused endeavor. They don't even stop for food, people, so the list hardly applied to me.

However, whether you're a farm wife who identifies with this list (read it here) rides along or one who drives the kids around, the true punctuation on the end of the actual planting process and the growing season is the waiting game. Wait for rain. Wait for it to stop. Wait for the crops to grow. Wait, wait, wait, and watch.

Right now, you can row the corn in our backyard. This is the time when I like that we're farmers. The promise of it all. I have written about it before, but this is the time when we can really see the growth of the plants, set beside a pasture of mama and baby calves who are of the right age to frolic and play, and our grass and plants are finally green and not dead looking. It's exciting and rewarding…and I don't even plant the seed!

We're hopeful for a good, normal growing season, but the seasoned (ha! me? seasoned??) farmer in me says, "Yeah, right."

There's always hope, right, my friends?

So, stay tuned for pictures of yet another year of the Corn Growth Journal…it's chocked full of surprises this year, as Farmer Joe will be taking the reigns on this project.

Get excited!

Happy growing, everyone!!

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