Thursday, July 3, 2014

Oh Me, Oh My, It's Now July


Where did June go? Honestly. Did I miss something? Where's July, too? It was not even 70 degrees yesterday, and I'm sitting here in jeans, as it's another cool-ish day.


July typically is a time when we are so busy haying, however, this activity, this haying (or lack thereof), has been tricky. Joe has fought rains, so spotty that as he was mowing just the first cutting a few weeks ago, such a spotty storm popped up that Dad (who was raking) had to run from his open station (read: no cab) tractor to head for cover in the truck. However, a few miles west, nothing fell.

We haven't had a stretch of good, dry days to help Joe make his decision regarding hay. It has to be just right. His dad says, however, if it's not right for hay, it's probably okay for crops. So, it's a catch 22. Shocker. We're battling the weather even when it's good for crops.

I wish I could say that we have done a good job of documenting our crop's growth.

We haven't.

I promise you, though, we are lucky. Our corn looks awesome. "Knee high by the fourth of July," is a very, very old saying, and it's not necessarily true here. Perhaps a better set of phrases would be, "Head and shoulders over large boulders," or "Holy cow! It's taller than Farmer Joe now!"


You don't think it will be catching on?

Regardless, our crop looks good, and I'm totally jinxing it, as we have friends who have had to endure wind and hail damage that have destroyed crops. Prayers for good rains, not hard ones, refreshing winds, not destructive.

Finally, the #EatYourVeggies campaign goes on…even though our veggie consumption has been limited to the carrot sticks and cucumbers I have cut up to be enjoyed in our packed lunches at the pool, and anything that is potentially vegetable based at the ball park. I promise I'll cook something up wonderful and hashtag, picture and share to my heart's content!! See BayerConnect for some guest blogs my friends have been posting. So exciting!

So, my hope for this post is that you realize what day it is, how the summer is flying by, and how lucky we are to enjoy this time together, even if it means we're munching on carrots at the pool, dodging random rain storms, and cursing the hay process.

Happy July, everyone!

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