Friday, April 24, 2015

"Dr." Oz vs. Actual Doctors

Today, I actually sat down to watch the Today show (yes, I'm still watching it, even though sometimes I feel like it's a sibling show to E! News.). Why is this so monumental? Well, friends, with our house remodel, we have now joined the 21st century with...drumroll please...


The fact that we use the word "the" before DVR means we're new to this phenomenon.

I'm digressing, but it's exciting.

Anyway, I was able to actually watch the segment that was coming up thanks to this beautiful new feature called "pause" (after being alerted by my good friend Holly via text), as it was about everyone in the agriculture world's favorite doctor. "Dr." Oz.

Why the quotes?

Because he's a quack.

Anyway, seems like "Dr." Oz is getting some flack from his fellow doctors at Columbia. They are having to debunk some of his "Ozisms" in class!


Haven't I written about this before?

Oh yes, here.

Anyway, "Dr." Oz was on the defensive, although not as defiant as Holly wagered during our flurry of texts. He was, however, annoyingly pensive in expression and soft and sorrowful in his tone.


He was so sorry that his colleagues misunderstood how he was not trying to share medical advice, but lifestyle advice.

Oh? That's what "MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH" means? Lifestyle advice?

He was so determined in his answers, it almost seemed as if he received the questions prior to the interview.


He was adamant that his whole platform, down to the logo of the show (where the word "Dr." is so small) is about a healthy way of living, and not medical, you almost discredit the fact that he is actually a card carrying doctor.

Which I already have.

Anyway, this interview just cemented the fact that "Dr." Oz is simply a dude trying to maintain his fame, promote a lifestyle that, while I agree we should eat more fresh and you won't feel like garbage (see me this week...yikes), exercise more, and try to enjoy yourself while doing it, this dude is losing credibility as fast as he claims you can lose weight by eating kale laced with cayenne and drizzled in agave.

I am not sure what makes me gag more, "Dr." Oz's defense tactics or that fake "Ozish" recipe.

You decide.

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