Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Hangover

First of all, let me just thank you all for your kind words about my last post. I am trying to be real, relatable, and in a relationship with you, dear readers, so your commentary makes this writer's heart soar. Thank you for supporting me.

Secondly, is it appropriate to have the word hangover in the same title as the day we celebrate the risen Christ?

Too late.

We seem to be hitting the sacreligion hard. Case in point:

We weren't sure whether to be horrified or proud of our boy, but upon hearing his retelling of the crucifixion, we realized what precious and wonderful Sunday School teachers he has. And then we had to explain the Resurrection.

Oh boy.

Anyway, today is one of those days that you have a list of things to do, and you just continually are derailed. Like the first sick kid. Headache. Upset stomach. Tired. Sure. Stay home. Then the preschool drop off where you hear bad news that shakes you up, aching for a friend. Then the Wi-Fi goes down during a call where all your files are on your email because you can't seem to remember to copy and paste. Then, kid #2 calls. She needs to come home, and like a good mother, you tell her to suck it up and hold on. It's nearly halfway through the day. Then the kid calls again, all the while, you're folding the mountain of laundry and you notice a cow in your side yard.

I have had a lot of things in my side yard lately, however, cows are not one of them.

Ol' Bossy was just munching on some corn that Dad had spilled out, loading out a bin. Jack decided to name her Butterscotch and her baby (should she have one) Puddin'. 


So, a phone call later, a grandma to the rescue, and you have yourself a day.

In my line of work, one needs no alcohol to have a hangover. Just give me a holiday.


In other news, we did another podcast! It's something to behold. 13 minutes of glory, friends. You can listen to it here or download the Soundcloud App, and start following Confessions of a Farm Wife. In this one, we're talking about reading everything...even the "dark side of the Silk carton," as Holly puts it. Read, friends, it does a body good.

Which leads me to my next point, the Food Babe. Oh bless her. She takes a lovely picture. The girl can write one heck of a yarn, but, as I read in some of her commentary, she is becoming the "Jenny McCarthy" of experts. 


gawker.com published a great blog by a scientist, and while the language is less than PG, it is, SCIENCE. The author has some great zingers to our Fearless Food Babe, and I agree with the title. She IS full of sh*t.

So, friends, I hope this finds you feeling the love after a holiday spent with friends and family. 

And enjoying that nasty candy that could kill you, you know. 

Happy After Easter, friends.

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