Friday, April 22, 2011

The Great Turkey Burger Debate

It is obvious that Joe and I are pro-beef. We raise it; I race proudly for TEAM ZIP (when I'm running), and we enjoy eating it.

Joe is uber-sensitive to any sort of argument put out in the media or amongst friends in discussions when it's said that beef is unhealthy, unethical, etc. I'm getting more and more in-tune with this argument, as I at one time did buy soy-meat to cook with...Joe is clasping his chest and sputtering for breath at this admission.

Anyway, Hardee's in the Midwest is promoting a new turkey burger, showcasing its wonderfulness with a lovely bikini-clad Miss Something/Somewhere enjoying it. While I do not wish to offend the poultry producers out there, I have to call "fowl." Ha, ha.

When one prepares any meat type of burger, be it turkey, pork or beef, if it is prepared in the most healthful way (I'm thinking that right?), aren't all of these types essentially providing the same amount of nutrients and general goodness? I understand that some beef is processed and packaged more lean, and there are reasons we need to eat a variety of sources of protein, but can't we all just be in this together?

Why must there be an "us vs. them" debate, even within livestock production? Why do I feel like I have to defend myself to another livestock producer? However, it does seem as if there's something billed more healthy on the menu in a restaurant, it's generally not beef. I dislike the way beef is marketed within the Hardee's corporation (actually, all Hardee's marketing is terrible, but that's another rant). Instead of a decent looking and well dressed person enjoying a juicy steak, Hardee's always shows a dude eating a hamburger, all the while wearing some crummy looking flannel shirt, sporting a scruffy beard, and the commercial nearly always ends with the burger being dropped onto a counter with a disgusting, squishy "plop." Where's the hot chick eating a burger? And why does the burger have to make that SOUND?

Last night, however, there was a small victory for us beef producers in the greater entertainment sector. On NBC's Parks and Recreation (which you all should watch, because although again I was skeptical of its Midwestern setting, it is so true at times, how could it not be funny?), anyway, the characters had a cook off between a turkey burger and a hamburger. While the cook of the turkey burger went to a fancy schmancy health food store to spruce up his burger, the burger dude (Ron Swanson...whom I LOVE), slapped his on the grill and served it up on a white bun. The crowd unanimously agreed with the taste of the beef burger being the best. I thought Joe was going to leap out of the couch in joy. Again, I'm not placing any blame on the turkey producers out there, it's just that some times what has always been a crowd favorite, should remain a crowd favorite, and shouldn't be under fire all the time.

It's raining...shouldn't we all stand together under the umbrella of peace???

Either that, or enjoy a good burger together and call it a day.

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  1. You know, you bring up some great points! Even though my family raises beef and not turkey, I was just thrilled to see Hardees put something healthy on the menu. I had one of their turkey burgers the other day, and it was good, I won't lie.

    Perhaps we beef producers need to knock on Burger King's door with a proposal? Because they are in desperate need of a new marketing campaign too, not to mention some healthier menu options. Let's show 'em it can be done with beef!