Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Prep Work

Since we live about 30 minutes from a mall, "good" Target, etc., and since I have a kindergartener who needs to be picked up off the bus, a preschooler with class for just three hours, and a toddler who needs a nap, my morning today has been jammed already with prepping, list making, coupon getting for our pilgrimage to the big city for a shopping trip. I have to time my day in according to all schedules, a lunch date with a friend, and store openings. It seems like a lot of work for some Easter dresses and toilet paper.

This is quite a lot like the spring prep work that is going on in my driveway. Our planter is stretched out, arms opened wide so the guys can re-do hoses and fiddle...or so it seems. My dad has been to Farm King for hoses and various other necessities. Joe has been for parts in between working calves and doing his normal chores. A group of men were here yesterday helping my uncle the others get the planter all ready. Even my cousin, who is 10, got in on the action yesterday.



So where's the go? Why haven't we started? Like any operation, there are differing opinions in whether or not we should have unfurled the Turbo Chopper 4000 and started to work up the ground yesterday, or wait until today or tomorrow. There's still a lot to do as far as prep work goes. A lot like getting all your coupons in order as to get the best deals on Easter dresses or spring flip flops or toilet paper, in my world.

My hope is that fingernails are not bitten to the nub in anticipation, and that everyone keeps their wits about them when we do get started.

Here's to hoping.

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