Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Color Coded Holiday

I think I'm going to start putting little dots on holidays on the calendar. I'm extremely freakish about color coding things...if I had my way, our world would be color-coded. So, in celebration of this obsession, I am going to start to decorate my calendar with red, green or yellow dots. Red for holidays we will NOT be celebrating, green for definites, and yellow for maybes.

There used to be a time when I pictured myself planning family outings on Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, a time when I thought we would raise our family in a subdivision, taking the kids trick or treating around their neighbor's houses, I never imagined that I would have to take the kids by myself or say, reschedule Mother's Day for a later date. There was never a picture in my city-raised family that I thought I would have to plan a holiday in the summer by considering the weather, not for the picnic tables I would be setting, but whether or not Joe would be "haying." I now consider whether or not we can have guests over based upon the proximity to a major farming event. Summer events and lack thereof are planned solely around Joe's availability thanks to the tasks at hand.


So, as of right now, we're maybe planning an outing on the second, with another farm family...if it doesn't rain, but only if our friend isn't replanting beans (so, again, if it has rained, but is dry enough to get in the you see my frustration as a planner???), and possibly seeing some fireworks, that is, if Joe is not too exhausted (or me, for that matter...we can hardly make it to the 10 o'clock news) from mowing and baling hay.


Will I ever have lovely printed invitations for our yearly, "Let's Celebrate Some Holiday, Any Holiday?"

Answer: Yes...only if the invitations read, If it's raining, or has recently rained, please come and enjoy your time with us.

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  1. As a dairy farmer's wife, I can relate to you 100%. We're actually going to my parents' (2 hours away) on Sunday because we try not to do any 'extra' work (besides feeding & milking) on Sundays. We hardly EVER go away on a Sunday because it means getting workers to do the feeding and milking, but this year, it was going to be easier to do that than miss a day of 'work' on another day.