Thursday, January 12, 2012

Late to the Party

I'm going to have to claim "Mom of Small Children, and Therefore, Watching Dora Over the News and Reading Madeline Instead of the Paper" on this issue, but from the my husband's grumblings, a handful of shared articles on Facebook, and a comment on a picture I posted of my kids on hay bales, I am somewhat opinionated, although somewhat uninformed.

I'm talking about the new Child Labor Regulations that are in the works for kids specifically in the agricultural world.

I have been blissfully unaware (do you notice a pattern in my life...blissful ignorance???) of the affects and the postings I have skimmed over the Christmas holidays. However, upon completing Christmas break, one where Anna spent nearly every day, all day with her dad, outside, having a ball (translation: working on age-appropriate chores), our first grader, who loves and thrives at school, cried the night before she had to go back, because she wondered who would help her dad and do her jobs. Now, the little bits of cash she is receiving for completing some of her chores helped along the tears, I'm sure, but how in the WORLD would someone, specifically a cabinet member from LOS ANGELES know the valuable lessons my daughter is learning working alongside her dad.

I will embarrassingly admit this, my husband has a better relationship with money, thanks to his days working on the farm...I, on the other hand...well, you know my resolutions.

Anyway, I am completely late to this party, and need to do some more digging. I am, however, present on my farm, and know that I rarely see a government official on it, and thus, wonder how these regulations will be enforced for us. However, I would love to see the citation and how it would be worded. Would it go something like this:

"Six year old and 36 year old cited for spending time together, outside, exerting energy and breathing in fresh air, all while using muscles and brain power to climb up and down off of equipment, through fences and over green pastures."

Yeah, that sounds pretty bad (note the sarcasm). I think we all should just continue to "fight the battle against childhood obesity" by promoting such activities as exer-gaming and running on treadmills. That would be great, Washington (please note smartiness, again).

I implore you to help me out here, give me your opinions, your actions, and your experiences with this. I am interested in how this will all play out, and hopeful that my lateness to this topic doesn't mean I'm too late to give folks in Washington a piece of my mind!


  1. Nice post - I love your description of how the citation would read, made me smile - hope you don't mind but I am linking it to my blog - giving you full credit of course!

    THANKS, Jennifer Campbell

    1. Ahh love it! I grew up working on my families ranch and doing chores and ALL FOUR of us have turned out so well. All accidents that have happened at my family ranch, have not been been ag related but usually playtime related. I would love to see a government official tell my siblings to not work their horses or feed hay... ridiculous.


  2. Good news is I read the article about this in the new Top Producer and it won't affect kids working on their parents farm. I've worked in the field since I was 7 and wouldn't have it any other way!