Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oh, and By the Way...

Did you know that having an agriculture major is one of the most "useless" majors one could have?

According to this yahoo article, the writer cites an agriculture major as one who gets "up with the sun and working till it sets as an agricultural manager." Now, I'm not a College of Agriculture Career Services expert, but I do know that most of my friends, and Joe's friends who are ag majors did not walk out of college, degree in hand and purchase land (because as a new grad, could you fork out close to 10,000 dollars an acre? I couldn't buy a tshirt at Target, and I had an education that was considered "useful!). However, those who are actively farming and those who are employed in the agricultural sector are mostly very successful. I also know that most of them are not agricultural managers, because WHAT THE HECK IS AN AGRICULTURAL MANAGER?

Now, while I spew information about my life and all that without being censored or edited, so I understand the freedom of the press, however, this dude is PAID, on YAHOO, and now has a TON of ag people ticked off.

And if there's one thing I have noted in my time married to an ag dude, don't mess with's one big fraternity of people who stand upon their convictions, so you should see the reaction to this! (read the poor soul's Facebook page, covered with ag majors citing their success here, and then see the Facebook page, I Studied Agriculture, and I Have a Job for more ticked off aggies!).

Anyway, this just proves again all that you read, see and hear through the media is never exactly correct.

Except, of course, when you're reading what I write!! Ha!

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  1. We read the same thing and thought it was absolute CRAP! Lovely post- Agriculture is amazing!