Sunday, January 1, 2012

When a Resolution Really Takes

Okay, so it’s New Year’s Day, and instead of working out, clipping coupons, cleaning out my closet and donating all the unwanteds to the needy, we spent our day with another family Christmas, eating gluttonously (thanks to my mom and southern cookin’ aunt), and putting up shelves to house our embarrassing amount of toys received this Christmas.


So, there’s always tomorrow to start my resolutions, right? Well, not really. You see, I’m not a big resolution kind of gal. I’m already an exerciser, already an organizer, already a pretty decent eater…sounds like I’m pretty awesome, huh? Well, I’m not…I stink at saving money, lose my patience way too much, and worry about what other people are doing more than the average Joe…or my Farmer Joe.

I’m digressing.

Anyway, one year, ten years ago, I made a resolution. I was no where near where I am today: geographically, emotionally, spiritually. I was exhausted, frustrated, emotionally spent and basically unhappy with my decisions. I had a good job, but was unsettled. I felt like I needed something bigger, and had already sent resumes and applications to schools in Chicago, hoping that a move to the city would make me feel bigger in a place where I felt really small.

In short, I was grasping at straws.

So, in one last effort to figure out who I was as Emily the Adult, I made a resolution: to go to a church, because, that’s what you do when you’re feeling lost, right?  I was babysitting on New Year’s Day (see how pathetic my social life was?) and picked a church out of the phone book that had a later in the morning Sunday service (really high criteria, huh?).

That next Sunday, I took a deep breath, got in my car and went to this place that was billed as a contemporary, comfortable environment. I didn’t care if they charmed snakes at that point, I needed to be fed through my heart and needed to hear some good music and a message that made me think.

The Resolution Stars must have aligned that day, because I really did hear good music and a great message, but ironically walked in directly behind Joe and his friend, who invited me to sit with them (even though I had already gone out with Joe a few times and had not done a really great job of calling him back…oops.). The guys even invited me to the church’s Newcomer’s Lunch that day, and sitting at that table, I could feel myself loosening up, relaxing, trusting that this was a place where I could fit in. Joe and I hit it off and from then on, the rest is history, our history: we found our faith strengthened there, and consequently were married in that church, baptized our first baby there, and cried when we left to move here. I miss it every New Year’s Day.

Talk about a resolution that took!

Resolutions are chances, however, and I despise the way that our culture places so much emphasis on how you should make a resolution based on what our culture deems important at that second. Nobody in the marketing world will tell you that what you’re making is the wrong one. I believe that resolutions are all about timing, and because I haven’t made one in ten years, I think I’m about due for a good one. That, and I have ridden the success train of 2002’s resolution a little bit too long.


My point of this post is to wish you all a happy new year, in a roundabout way, but to let you know that I have gotten back on the resolution bandwagon, and would like kept accountable for them by you, my dear stalkers…I mean, readers. Like my one 10 years ago, I was held accountable, by the guy whom I eventually married, and to God…so those are big shoes to fill.

So, friends, please hold me to these. I resolve in 2012 to coupon….I know, I know… GROAN!!!! But, I have to. I have to learn to value our dollar, as we come closer to our financial goals, as well as closer every year to a kid in college (no, Anna is not some freaky kid genius, but it’s coming, I need to get more interested in saving for Anna than Ann Taylor). I am the shopper of the family, and I might as well be a good one, a saving one, one that can be savvy as well as sophisticated.

Secondly, I resolve to make this blog more user friendly, prettier, and more interactive. I’m not sure how…but that’s why I have a year, right? That, and a new iPad!!! I realize I’m late to that iParty, but that’s okay…I’m a country folk, right? Aren’t we supposed to pull out Polaroids from our bib overall pockets instead of Instagram photos on our iPads??

Anyway, thanks. Thanks for reading. Thanks for responding, and thanks in advance for keeping me on track.

Happy 2012.


  1. Love this post..and I have been playing with the idea of starting to coupon..but I admit even to my crazy organized self and a new baby on the way it seems so overwhelming and super time consuming! I wish you luck and maybe you will inspire me to get moving on cutting coupons as well!

  2. Awesome post! I seriously enjoyed it! I just jumped on the ipad wagon as well and can't wait to be able to share more!

  3. I just found your blog and really enjoyed this post ~ brought me back to meeting my "farm" husband and the life that came with it. Got an ipad for Christmas as well, for the whole blog thing and all ... still trying to figure out how to use it though.:) Thanks for the great post and I hope you'll stop by to visit me some time. I think we have a lot in common.