Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Is A Soft Holiday

So, it's Mother's Day weekend, and the marketing on TV has been truly laughable, to us (and maybe just to us, so there you go). Joe has spent a lot of time rolling his eyes and explaining to the girls why Mommy doesn't need a $500 necklace to know that she is loved on Mother's Day.

Now, while I would never turn down a lovely necklace from my children, he's right, I don't need it. I don't even really want it. I know...shocker! Mother's Day since we have been farming has ranged from time spent together with a lovely steak lunch prepared entirely by my husband to a lovely poem written about how although he "is still very charming, he couldn't get a card because he was busy farming." as well as last year, while Joe was in the field, I took the girls to Target and Jimmy John's all just days from giving birth to Jack.

So, Mother's Day isn't a huge deal at our Joe would add, "Every day is Mother's Day!

Not that Joe isn't doing a good job at recognizing me as a mother on the actual Hallmark Holiday, I just have learned that as a farm wife, any spring or fall holiday is celebrated if the weather is not fit to be working.

I understand this.

I realize this.

So why do I still wonder what it's like to get breakfast in bed, spend the day at the nail salon and shopping, all the while sporting my new $500 necklace? Never gonna happen around this joint.

And that's okay.

My point is, we have been bombarded with marketing saying that in order to recognize Mom on Mother's Day, you have to spend a lot of money and let her do nothing, on May 13th. "Get your orders in now!" "Celebrate Mom on Sunday!"

Mother's Day around here is what we call a "soft holiday." The date is fluid. I feel like I have already had a Mother's Day, as we have been able to get away here and there...even though this week our date was to the dentist.

Maybe some day I'll be able to do nothing...right now, doing nothing on Mother's Day is not in the cards, as bean planting is getting close to done, hay needs to be mowed, and cattle, although a lot of them are new mamas, are celebrated by the joy of work.

I will be recognized with a lovely gift, and we have become "that couple..." you know, the couple who leave blaring, obvious hints about gifts. I left the home screen on Joe's computer to the exact color and style of running watch I wanted. I am assured it will be here soon.


So whether your Mother's Day is a soft or a hard and fast date on your calendar, and whether you celebrate it with a lovely Zales diamond or a meal on the go in between loading bulk beans, remember your mom, and hug a mom who is toting around her kids, alone on this special day...she might just be a farm wife!


  1. We too have a "soft holiday" for mother's day. Well, and Easter and Father's Day too. I came home from grocery shopping with both kids and told my husband not to get me anything, I had just bought us new sheets. And I meant it, and he believed me. (I think anyway!)

  2. We are the same way at our house...I could care less if I got anything on "mother's day", I already feel like I am blessed with so many wonderful gifts from my family everyday....dirty diapers, mountains of clothes to wash, piles of dishes to scrub, etc... what more could a mother want! Just kidding!!

    Seriously though, I use it more like ammo! When I hear them scheming about what to do for me on Mother's Day I never hesitate to chime in on how I could certainly use a new camera, or someone to fix my dishwasher!

    ~ Kimberley