Friday, May 25, 2012

The New Normal

So it's officially summer. The two older ones are out of school; the temperature has been rising...summertime, and the living's easy, right?

Well, sort of.

For our family, however, this year's summertime will bring a new normal. So far, we've had only two full days of break, and I'm getting nervous. Gone is the predictable schedule of school, planting, activities, and order. Gone is the stability of "I'll have a few minutes between naps and bus drop off to collect my thoughts." Gone is the possibility of even considering dusting...thanks to my "helpers" and my crazy dusty road.

While my new normal includes fun stuff like pool time, ball games, and playing outside, I am trying to figure out how to keep the fun stuff rolling all the while keeping my flowers from dying (did you know they need WATER???) and keeping my very inquisitive and increasingly mobile and fearless one year old away from the outlets, stairs and dog's mouth. Our girls are also experiencing a shift in order. Our kids are learning how to play with each other, all the time, all day long, sharing Mom/Dad/Grandma/Grandpa time while trying to figure out who gets Ken while they play Barbies. I know... big stuff.

As far as the farm goes, the new normal includes a little bit more relaxed choring schedule, thanks to the cows being on grass, but our hay season has begun, and did you know that hay production and baling depends upon dew? As in, morning dew? As in, how do you even predict/schedule/ fathom DEW?

Anyway, if you're a loyal reader, you've probably noticed a lack of posts. I am trying to figure out my new normal. I am trying to figure out how to complete a thought, make it grammatically correct and cohesive, advocate for agriculture, all the while refereeing, feeding, and trying to keep my boy from eating the computer cord as I write outside while the kids are playing.


So bear with me this summer, and if you see me, don't remind me that I'm busy...I know, just maybe hand me something caffeinated, I need the energy.

Happy summer!

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