Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer Schedules

Remember how I had some rant about how we don't "do" extracurriculars as much, thanks to our life on the farm (if you don't, you can read it here)? Well, our tune has changed thanks to older kids, who have opinions, options, and a dad who looooves baseball (and now loves softball).

So, as I called to make another addition to our summer schedule, one for both girls this time, I was so thankful that the girls could be scheduled back to back, as that would make for one less trip to town.

Efficient trips to town is a skill that I have yet to learn.

My husband would wholeheartedly agree with my lack of efficiency, because I do run to town.

A lot.

Like, multiple times a day, which is not a great thing, considering the age of my kids and the price of gas and the dust on my road (have I ever mentioned I hate my road and what it does to my car??? That's another post, another day.).

Anyway, my better judgement in this matter- that is, rejoicing that I would only have to make one round trip on Mondays- is something new, and thus, exciting to me. However, realizing the fact that I live in the country, and will possibly live here for the rest of my days, is something I am also embracing. I will still lament the fact that my kids won't ever  ride bikes to their activities. I have decided to quit fretting about the possibility of sending them to school on bikes or on foot.

Because why should I worry about that?

I'm learning to realize that riding bikes in the gravel amongst corn and bean fields is just as good as throwing the bikes in the truck so that they can ride to friend's houses. It's just a matter of scheduling.

And another potential trip to town.

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