Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Life and Death, Again

Well, we lost our dog yesterday.

Yes, that makes three dogs we have lost to our stupid, dusty, seemingly untraveled road (if you were just to look at it from a glance, but if I put a counter on it, you would think we live in a city...and don't even get me started the stupid drunks who travel it during the weekend nights. Gah.).

Sadie was hit we think yesterday morning, and while part of me wants to believe that whoever hit her didn't know that they did, she was hit, right in front of our house, and no one came to the door to tell us.

That makes me so sad...both about the dog, and the person who hit her. I wish they would have come to the door, instead of me finding her as I was pulling out of the driveway on my way to town with two little ones who loved her in the car.

"Is Sadie sleeping, Mom?" Amelia asked.

Uhhh.....I considered telling her yes, until we got home, but on the farm, we deal in life and death more frequently than the average family. So I told her.

And then proceeded to cry...I did, not Amelia.

I'm done with having dogs. I am done having this discussion with my kids, explaining to them about Doggie Heaven (again). I feel bad about complaining about her seemingly endless supply of poop and barking at everything that moved as well as the garbage cans. I'm such a jerk, and I'm sorry she had to die like this.

Even though she was difficult to love at times, jumping on guests, scaring the daylights out of the Fed Ex man, we did love her. We will miss her, but the crazy thing is, is that my kids are pretty resilient when it comes to stuff like this. My dad and I and Joe are the big wimps in this discussion. Dad's in California this week, and he's sad...and she loved to jump on him, which, as I may have mentioned before, Dad is NOT an animal person. At. All.

Joe is sad to not have his choring buddy, standing in the back of the truck, face to the wind, free as a bird.

I'm sad today as she didn't greet me in the early morning darkness in the back as I bundle up for my morning run.

The girls walked to the bus, sans barking dog, but trudged out into the cold, I know, thinking about their dog.

So allow me to have a sad, I miss my dog post today, but don't offer up a puppy as a consolation prize.

I'm done having dogs.


  1. I am heartbroken about Sadie. She was such a loving and loyal girl. I will always remember her adoring expression as she looked at Joe whenever he brought her into the clinic.

  2. So sorry for the loss of Sadie. That stinks to say the least. Remember the good things that make you smile!

  3. We just lost our dog about three weeks ago. This was just about 10 days after our cat was hit---we had a bad animal month at the Feed Yard Foodie house...

    It is so hard and leaves a hole in your heart. My girls are older than your children, but they also tend to be more resilient than my husband and I when we loose a beloved pet. Fortunately (or unfortunately), it was our hired man who hit our dog. We were not left wondering what happened, but it did not seem to make it any easier...

    We always bury our pets in the horse pasture and hold a funeral for them. It really seems to help all of us to "learn to let go". I blogged about it after our cat was hit (

    Some day, you will get another dog. I tell my girls that the only thing worse than loosing a pet is never having had them at all. Animals hold a special place in all of our hearts, but that doesn't make it any easier when you loose one.

    I feel for you--