Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dusty Roads and Dry Lakes

Did you know we could use a rain?

Do you feel like you have read this before?

Well, you have, but considering it's December and we haven't had a rain, a good, soaker since, well, Joe can't even remember, we're in dire need.


Again with the freaking drought.

I thought droughts were just summertime concerns, like mosquitoes, sunburns, and sweaty everything.

But no, droughts are year long concerns, and if you take a look at the back of my car (whichever niece or nephew wrote the smiley face on the window...you're hilarious), and peer into the pasture and it's lakes, you'll see how dry we still are.

Chores in the winter are already tedious, cold, and more labor intensive, but if you add in hauling water to them, that's a whole other ball of wax that will not only make Joe's workload increase, but my free time and opportunities to get out and about less than they already were!

Then there's the crop side of our operation. Moist (and I hate that word...along with junction, slacks, and pervert...I know, I'm weird.) soil that freezes will help our crops have a better start in the spring. However, if we get a hard freeze before we get moisture, be it rain or snow, the soil will not be in a good condition to allow for good growth.

It's a fun, viscous and oh-so-lovely cycle, huh?

So, while I have enjoyed running Christmas errands and literally running without worry of rain or snow, I now feel guilty. My prayers are pretty heavy as of late, and now let's add rain to them.

Could you please add it to your list, too?

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  1. Your post cracked me up today!!!!!!! BTW, I'm Ranell Burrier. I found your blog through Lindsay Higgerson/Janelle West - who I'm FB friends with. I know your Mom too(sorta) - enough to say hi to her in the halls at ROWVA over the years. She was in the LMC at the high school and I've taught PreK at ROWVA for 19 years ... at the other end of the building and in Victoria for 10 years. Anyhow, your blog is soooo interesting & funny too!!! Interesting enough, that I read ALL THE WAY back to the beginning when you first began. It wasn't until I had read almost to the VERY end when I realized who you were and then your maiden name made sense!!! It's a small world! Next time we're ready to fill our freezer with moo cow I will let you know. After reading your post today, I will also add rain to my prayer list! Have a good day and God Bless! ~ Ranell